In any given week of sessions I could share stories like these from using The ICE Method:

“I woke up without neck stiffness for the first time in years!”

Back pain relief — Finding calm while raising a family — Removing an “I’m not good enough” message — Turning off hyperanxiety — removing fear and stress after a divorce — finding peace after lifelong PTSD from adoption — getting over a fear of flying.

“this past week I was calm the whole time except with one telemarketer!”

The man with the neck pain had been hit by a car when he was a teenager.  The woman who finally found calm had a lonely childhood. The vets I’ve helped were still reacting to war. When people take care of stored reactions, people get better.

Stop living reactively 

Stored reactions affect our emotions, our performance, and our physical health.

Removing stored reactions is why you get results with The ICE Method.

It’s a tool you can use for life.

Start living from your calm place

ICE follows a simple process of awareness and conscious focusing. When you use The ICE method you turn off your fight/flight/freeze stress response.  This happened for the woman who for the first time felt calm for a whole week.  She told me she’d never been able to meditate.  She told me she’d tried therapy many times for her issues.  She overcame her doubts and tried ICE, and transformed her life.  “This time it worked,” she said.

If you go deep with The ICE Method, you can even remove early pivotal childhood reactivities.  This happened for woman did who brought calm to the PTSD memories from her adoption.

Live with The ICE Method

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