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From words about a Guinness World Record in Unicycling,
to Memory Reconsolidation and Enlightenment,
I’ve enjoyed the adventure of writing and sharing.
Since 2004  – these six books, threads from my life…

After years as an engineer and a pastor, I became interested in healing.  I became a practitioner of The Emotional Freedom Technique, and I found myself astounded by its results for myself and others. The engineer in me grew curious (obsessed) about WHY this method got results. 

A fascination grew for learning about brain and body.  Eventually I came upon the new discovery of Memory Reconsolidation – the neurological understanding of how the brain removes upsets from storage.  This explanation changed my life – I’ve been following in its path ever since.  I feel honored  to help people by using the method I created from this journey – The ICE Method.

Fibromyalgia Relief:

A Science-Based Approach to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

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Fibromyalgia Relief is available in trade paperback and ebook formats.  You may purchase from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, other online booksellers, or from your favorite bookstore by request.

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Main Points of this book
  • The stress response has an enormous role in each of our lives.  In people with fibromyalgia, the stress response is stuck in the “on” position.   This results in the symptoms of fibromyalgia including muscle pain, lack of sleep, brain fog, stomach upset, skin sensitivity, etc.
  • Fibromyalgia Relief is a simple book about a simple process for turning off the stress response.  
  • The distinctive contribution of this book is the incorporation of Memory Reconsolidation, and a technique for using it called The ICE Method.
  • Using the ICE Method you can remove stored emotional upsets, the basis for why stress gets stuck in the “on” position.
  • The book includes a study of 40 people who experienced dramatic results using The ICE Method.

Who knew we could be in less pain & stress with a very simple technique. Great resource & interesting findings.

Innovative insights into the biology of pain and stress relief. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn a simple natural method for removing stress and pain from their life using only the power of their brain.

It’s been said that diseases like fibromyalgia are “all in your head”. Well as a person with FM for decades, I can tell you its in my body. For years and years, I was pissed that anyone would suggest that it was ‘psychosomatic’ that makes me sound like I’m a loon, making it up, I’m in REAL physical pain. How dare ‘they’ tell me it’s all in my head!

What I’ve come to understand is that the reality of this painful disease is both, it’s in my body for sure, but it’s in my head too.

I have taken every herb and potion and pill, avoided every food, taken every prescription ever given to me, and sometimes for a bit they helped, but eventually it stopped helping. I’d been on that treadmill for decades.

I did not begin to heal fully until I realized that there were connections between my emotions and my physical body.

I am deeply grateful to those who were instrumental in my recovery, Lars Clausen was one of them. There are several methods I’m aware of that work and this book explains one of them. Do not assume it’s to simplistic, the best presents come in small packages.

Do it and keep doing it until it’s automatic and you will have cured yourself.

My journey writing this book

I remember the awe that I felt in writing Fibromyalgia Relief.  This vaguely diagnosed disease with devastating symptoms was responding dramatically to The ICE Method.

I remember how much reading I was doing about body and mind during this time.  Particularly influential was Candace Pert and how cells and immune systems and organs are informed by peptide molecules.

I remember feeling like I’d discovered some golden key with The ICE Method- the ability to remove stored upsets from our mind –  turning the stress response off permanently for issues that had once caused distress.

I’m thankful for this starting point for my writing about healing.  My journey has moved increasingly in a spiritual direction – but it remains consistent with everything I learned about the mechanics of how our body and mind function.  Body, mind, and spirit work together.  The ICE Method can help it all work well.

Memory Reconsolidation Applied:

Calm Your Past to Live Your Future

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Memory Reconsolidation Applied is available in trade paperback and ebook formats.  You may purchase from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, other online booksellers, or from your favorite bookstore by request.

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Main Points of this book
  • Our experiences store in the neural networks of our bodies.  This includes the earliest and most formative experiences of our body.
  • As a result of these experiences and this storage, each of us develops patterns for what makes us feel safe and what makes us feel threatened. 
  • The body ALWAYS responds to the mind.  If the mind is stressed, the body is stressed.  If the body is stressed, it will often develop symptoms – from back aches to PTSD.
  • The ICE Method provides a simple and predictable method for removing stored upsets from our nervous system.  When we do this we keep our calm – our stress response stays off – we live healthier, calmer, more content lives.
  • This book describes using The ICE Method for a wide variety of physical issues, and also for emotional issues such as phobias, anxiety, panic, and PTSD.
  • In this book, you’ll also find a foretaste of what comes in The River of Life.  I include a chapter on “The Spirit Side of Peptides.”
  • You’ll also find a chapter showing how Memory Reconsolidation applies to other common healing modalities.

I bought this book after hearing Lars speak at a conference and demonstrate his method. It is very simple yet powerful tool that uses what is known about human physiology and brain chemistry in response to stress/shock and then resets it back to calm. I was amazed by the simplicity of it and the book helps to further the understanding. I would really recommend interested readers to book a session with Lars to have guidance and facilitation in using the process. I did this and it was so much more powerful an effect than using the process from the book on myself/by myself, although that worked well too. I was able to lose the “charge” on a number of things from my past that have been a source of stress and upset for a lifetime. I am very grateful to Lars for writing this book and for his help to others.

As a mental health counselor I am always looking for treatment plans to help my clients. Memory Reconsolidation Applied: Calm Your Past has become an extremely helpful book for me and my clients. The ICE method is easy to apply whether a client is with me or needing to experience calm on their own. This book is a must read.

My journey writing this book

The results of working with people with fibromyalgia were so dramatic that I truly expected people to be lined up outside my door, insisting I see them.

Did not happen that way.  Instead my journey with Memory Reconsolidation continued to grow and deepen.  I worked with people with a huge variety of life experiences and conditions.  The ICE Method provided simple, consistent, predictable, and powerful results.  Both emotional and physical issues benefitted from The ICE Method.

In Memory Reconsolidation Applied I share a lot of stories of working with different people, along with the science of Memory Reconsolidation and the tool of The ICE Method.

Readers tell me that the book feels personal through these stories.   Readers also report that the explanation of the science is clear enough and simple enough to be usable in their daily life.

In one of my little ongoing mysteries of life, I continue to feel baffled at how a method of such simplicity and power has not swept through the health and healing field.  I hope this book will be a part of generating wave of applied Memory Reconsolidation.


Science and Peptides

When psychiatrists and scientists read Memory Reconsolidation Applied,  I typically get these two reactions:

  • a fantastic method – simple and effective…but…
  • not so sure about your peptide explanation of Memory Reconsolidation…so…

I appreciate both of these feedbacks…and…I remain open to refinements (even upheavals) in my understanding of how Memory Reconsolidation works.

As explanation, my understanding of the emotional mind/body connection has been most deeply shaped by the work of Candace Pert.  She had over 200 neuroscience papers published during her lifetime.  She helped establish the field of psychoneuroimmunology, but she spent her life on the outer edge of acceptance.

Her peptide theory of body, mind, immune system communication provided the most profound explanation of what I was experiencing in my own life and in my healing work with others.  In her lifetime, she was apparently not aware of Memory Reconsolidation, but I found the fit with her work to be deeply helpful.

I used Pert’s work in my explanation of Memory Reconsolidation.  Some professionals question the connections I have made.  A few years ago I ended up in a four way communication between professionals – all of us arguing the science of our interpretations.

That conversation helped me let go of the need for a strict neurobiological explanation.  There is lots more to know, but we know enough to apply the findings.  Each of the people in that conversation was getting results from Memory Reconsolidation, even though our details were different.

Already in this Memory Reconsolidation Applied, I have written of quantum and spiritual explanations for understanding and applying Memory Reconsolidation. 

Next, between the writing of this book and The River of Life,  I would go through a process of letting go of many positions and fears, angers, and sadness.  It would last over a year.  And then would come the capacity to write from a more general place –  The River of Life.


Memory Reconsolidation Applied:

The ICE Method Workbook and Journal

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Memory Reconsolidation Applied – The ICE Method Workbook and Journal is available in trade paperback and ebook formats.  You may purchase from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, other online booksellers, or from your favorite bookstore by request.

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Main Points of this book
  • I wrote this workbook especially for people I might never get a chance to meet and work with in person.
  • The workbook provides the process I use when working with clients.  It gives readers a chance to raise and calm many different areas in their lives.
  • The workbook provides a template for exploring issues in life as they arise.
  • I include a 30-day Journal for recording the experience of removing upsets from your life.

These three reviews are Amazon reviews from people I have not met.  If I never get a chance to meet with you, I hope you too can experience similar results as these people.

Highly recommended book and process for those dealing with any sort of trauma, past or recent. Especially notable for those that are in tune with how our bodies react to stress, and even the stress from the past.

Lars Clausen is not only a terrific author, the I C E method of Memory Reconsolidation is a lifesaver. Not only
is there actual hope for us Fibromyalgia sufferers, those of us with PTSD (post trauma stuff) are finding new leases
on life.

The process is so powerful and yet so simple. Holy grail of self-help methods, I do recommend it to everyone.

The River of Life:

Spiritual Enlightenment and
Memory Reconsolidation.

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The River of Life is available in trade paperback and ebook formats.  You may purchase from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, other online booksellers, or from your favorite bookstore by request.


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Before my healing journey began, and after I finished my service as a pastor….  (add uni picture.)

One Wheel – Many Spokes:

USA by Unicycle

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One Wheel – Many Spokes is not currently in print.  Used copies are available online.


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My Journey Writing this Book

My first book!  A huge accomplishment.  A huge effort.  A huge sense of satisfaction.  All the steps came together and culminated in one day when a case of newly printed copies showed up on my doorstep! 

I still feel good about this book – and how it opened my journey of becoming an author.  Inside of me, I still don’t identify as an author.  Healer and Farmer and Explorer are what come to mind about my life energies.  But, when I stop to think about it – yes – I’ve now written six books.

The dualities felt much sharper back in these days of the 50-state unicycle tour.  My hero pattern of taking on justice issues is present in this book.  I remember thinking that I couldn’t just go for a unicycle tour – it had to be FOR something.  I chose to ride for Native rights awareness. This felt close to my heart after 4 years of serving as pastor with a native congregation in Nome, Alaska.

The book has a lot travelogue, and a lot of dialogue – I found out how much I enjoy sharing stories – something related to my time as a pastor.  Even in my healing books, I spend a lot of pages sharing stories. 

Six-and-a-half months.  9,136 miles. Two Guinness world records.  And an award-winning book. I had expectations that this book would lead me directly to a life of speaking and writing.  The past dozen years ended up holding a trail far different from my expectations.

At the time I was trying really hard to make things happen in my life.  That sense of hard effort has lessened over time. A friend says its because I’m getting older.  I think it’s because of ICE, and Memory Reconsolidation, and reconsolidating more and more of the store reactivities on my River of Life.

People ask me if I still unicycle.  When I finished this tour I felt sure I’d be out for at least an hour a day for the rest of my life.  I don’t ride much anymore. These days I’m farming, and this year of 2018 I added 600 chickens to the farm – a new adventure in trusting source!

Straight Into Gay America:

My Unicycle Journey for Equal Rights

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Straight Into Gay America is not currently in print.  Used copies are available online.


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My Journey Writing this Book

My second book!  Part of the motivation for writing a second book was simply that the first book and the first tour took so much effort.  It felt like a waste to not put those skills to work in creating a second book.

Gay rights had been a tender place in my heart ever since seminary when my church took such a divisive stand against the full welcome of LGBT people.  On this tour, I filled a daypack with 8 pounds of pencils, paper, and some clothes and took off solo on my unicycle. I rode with a question that I asked each day as many times as I could, “What do you think of gay rights in America?”  This book is a travelogue combined with the stories and responses to this question.

I felt pleased to get writing awards for Straight Into Gay America.  More importantly, I know this book made a big difference in some people’s live – to know that a straight ordained pastor would take time and effort to make a public stand on behalf of LGBT people.  

That hero/anger background that I’ve been reconsolidating for these past years – I did a lot of reactive good from that place while I lived from that awareness.  It would have been a fine attachment, a fine reactivity from which to live the rest of my life. The journey just hasn’t played out that way. It’s all part of The River of Life, the present place that I’m experiencing.

Calm wishes.  Love wishes. Justice wishes.  Peace wishes.



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