The River of Life

Spiritual Enlightenment and Memory Reconsolidation

by  Lars Clausen

Are you aware of your Enlightenment?
If  not, what stands in the way of this awareness?

If you know these blocks and wish to remove them,
you will find help here.

Memory Reconsolidation

There’s an underknown
and underused tool out there
available to help anyone
stuck on the spiritual journey.

This tool is based in neuroscience.
Its purpose is removing reactivity.
It is mechanical and it is predictable,
removing the charges we are attached to.

Memory Reconsolidation, by whatever means
you use it, can remove this reactivity.
This is what I seek to share, especially
for those with roadblocks on their journeys.

The River of Life

This book is for those who recognize
that stored emotional upsets
are blocking their spiritual growth;
for those in search of a way forward.
(page 36)


 In focusing on finite things, as we mostly do,
we become a reaction to those finite things.
When we focus on the space between
we become aware of nothing (no-thing.)

In your awareness of this space with nothing in it,
you become a reaction to this no-thing.
You are in this moment, now,
both non-reactive, and also non-attached.

This calm is not a manufactured calm,
not some mask you create
for hiding underlying upsets.
This calm is not a reaction to what charges you.

This calm is what arises
as a result of your awareness
of the space with nothing in it.
You become aware of what has always been there.

(Page 23)

Spiritual Enlightenment

Tell me if it gets any better than this;
if you could wish for any greater awareness:
to be aware of Source and experience
non-reactivity and non-attachment?

I invite you
to live your life
from this
awareness of Source.

(Page 65)

I do not invite you
to the manufactured calm, the effort, the work
of putting on masks to hide from the upsets
that churn inside your experience of life.

I invite you instead to the calm
that arises when awareness
turns to non-reactivity
and nothing/everything enters consciousness.
(Page 108)

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