Lars Clausen

The last six years of my life journey
opened an interest in healing,
a renewed focus on spirituality,
and changes in a lifetime of perceptions.


My life is a story of
reactivities and attachments,
unexplored until recently,
now moving toward less attachment. 

In the middle of my 40’s
I wore out from my childhood pattern
of battling perceived injustice
via the energy of anger. 

The event that ended my old
pattern was fighting the entrance
of multinational Walmart into the local
economy of our small rural Chelan.


At the close of that fight,
I realized my weariness
and narrowed my focus to
taking care of my family.

Like Don Quixote,
prior to my breaking point,
I had tilted at many windmills,
all from my pattern of justice through anger.


I gathered degrees in Mechanical Engineering
and became a Master of Divinity.
I lived as a pastor with Inupiat Eskimos,
a hunting gathering culture in Nome, Alaska.\

I became aware here,
of my complete unawareness,
of how unconsciously I had grown up
within an agricultural worldview.

All these years later,
I continue to reflect on lessons learned
from living with Inupiat people,
and studying the impact of agriculture.




A Pattern

I would call this a pattern in my life,
how often my worldview turns over.
I would call this a gift in my life,
sufficient courage to follow awareness.

Action from Attachments

Later I reclaimed my childhood
love of unicycling, found a route
through all 50 states, pedaled 9,136 miles
and set a Guinness World Record.

Even my unicycling had justice
as its emotional driver.  My first big ride
highlighted Native justice issues:
a result of my Alaska years.

My second multi-state tour
highlighted equality for LGBTQ people.
The two rides provided backdrop
for becoming an author – my first two books:

USA by Unicycle and
My Unicycle Journey for Equal Rights.

A void

After the Walmart battle,I felt a void
inside me. What is the meaning in life
when you stop doing your life pattern?
This was a time without meaning or purpose.

During that void, I took some training
in personal performance.
I learned the power of will,
and also the emotional energy required.

EFT – Tapping

Friends introduced me to an energy technique,
EFT, The Emotional Freedom Technique, AKA Tapping.
A new world opened for me,
the release of long-stored emotional upsets.

I experienced amazing results with EFT,
both for myself and the clients I began working with.
And I began looking deeper and deeper
into why the method provides results.


Memory Reconsolidation

I came upon the discovery of Memory Reconsolidation
a new discovery in neuroscience,
which remains little know.
My life changed with this discovery.

I have been following the trail
of Memory Reconsolidation these last years,
first scientifically, and for body/mind,
later spiritually, for conscious awareness

The River of Life

Prior to the release
of The River of Life
I published three books
on healing and Memory Reconsolidation.

These first three books
sought to share the science
and the ICE Method,
as a tool and a way of life.

Now, in this River of Life
I feel a letting go of method,
a greater resting
in the awareness of source.

For a year-and-a-half
prior to writing The River of Life
my life grew still, and for the first time,
I did not resist.

Emotions arose of anger, fear, and sadness,
A fear of losing my home,
a fear of not caring for family,
a fear of failing.

I feared not being successful,
in my own eyes,
in the eyes of friends,
and of my father, mother, brother.

At the end, incessantly ICE’ing
each reactivity, I felt a deeper calm,
a greater trusting of source,
The writing finally began.

With a great sense of privilege,
and from this current point on the journey,
I feel honored to release The River of Life.
I look forward to the conversations that arise.