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Chapter Four – The ICE Method

Read this chapter and you’ll know how to Identify your upsets, create a Calm state, and then Exchange the upset with a permanent calm.  Want to see it in action and see what it can do for you?  Watch this 7-minute video.

Why give away the method for free?

For the past three years I’ve worked with hundreds of people, developing and using the ICE Method to help people transform their lives.  Watching people get these results has been one of the huge joys of my life. If ICE can make a difference in your life – I want you to have it.

If you like Chapter Four – I wrote thirteen other content-packed chapters in Memory Reconsolidation Applied.   Through working with so many people I’ve developed ways to apply ICE to early childhood memories. The ICE Method can even bring calm to those earliest times where we develop our patterns through mom and dad.  I’ve developed ways to work with PTSD situations without causing a person to dissociate.  For the spiritually minded – I have chapters on how ICE relates to non-attachment, and how you can even calm fears about death and dying.  There’s a long chapter in the book about getting to the core of what you really want.

I have published a workbook as well – with all the exercises I use when I offer a live session.  Start using Chapter Four right now.  If you want more – there’s much more.