Read and understand:

Lars Clausen is not a medical doctor.  He has formal training in mechanical engineering and as a pastor.  Lars Clausen does not offer medical advice.  He uses the non-invasive ICE Method to work with people who bring emotional or physical issues for relief.  Lars Clausen is not responsible for clients experience with The ICE Method or their results.

The ICE Method  is not traditional medicine – it is not medicine.  The ICE Method works simply by awareness of emotional responses and by using awareness to engage neuropeptide in the process of memory reconsolidation (Joseph LeDoux, The Synaptic Self).  As peptides change the body and mind often experience relief.  The ICE Method is in an experimental stage. You must use your own common sense in deciding the appropriateness of The ICE Method for you.  If you have any medical or other questions about using The ICE METHOS, you should consult with your health care provider before using The ICE Method or scheduling a session..

The ICE Method does not guarantee either specific or general outcomes for clients.  The contents of this website make no guarantee as to accuracy or results.  All content is the personal opinion of Lars Clausen and is not medical or psychological advice.  Usage of any content is the responsibility of the website visitor.