Fibromyalgia 0ld

Getting to the core of your fibromyalgia syndrome
What if you could address the root cause or causes of your fibromyalgia instead of just treating the symptoms?

Anecdote. A father and a grown son. Son hates father. The son has severe fibromyalgia and often misses work because of the pain. The father dies. The son’s fibromyalgia symptoms go away almost immediately, and the symptoms do not return.

Some possibilities to consider.

  • Emotional and physical events in a person’s life may have corresponding effects on a person’s health and physical condition.
  • In the case of fibromyalgia, it is frequently noted how emotional or physical triggers caused the onset of a person’s fibromyalgia symptoms.
  • If a physical condition such as fibromyalgia is triggered by an emotional or physical event, then it might make sense that the physical condition and the physical symptoms will continue until that trigger is addressed.
  • Until the emotional or physical background is addressed, fibromyalgia may continue to impact your body and the symptoms you experience.
  • If the emotional and physical triggers that caused your fibromyalgia are addressed, it is possible that your body might be free to change again, that your fibromyalgia pain could be lessened,

The problem has been –

if my emotions are affecting my cellular and energetic responses, how could I address these emotional triggers at the cellular and energetic level of my being?

EFT is particularly suited to providing relief for core emotional issues in a person’s life. EFT is used for a wide variety of issues. It is well suited for helping deal with the emotional and physical triggering events that lead to fibromyalgia symptoms.

Traditional treatment
Whether you’re new to fibromyalgia or a long-time sufferer, you’ve probably visited doctors, read literature, and scoured the Internet for information. You know the symptoms: chronic pain, insomnia, fatigue, fibro fog, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. You either know or you’re learning about what’s available to treat fibromyalgia symptoms.

If your experience turns out like mine, you’ll see that an EFT approach to fibromyalgia is different from traditional medicine. It’s different because its goal is to address the root cause of your fibromyalgia, not primarily to treat symptoms.

Keep your eyes open. Once you spend some time getting a feel for the medical approach to fibromyalgia, I think you’ll see how often emotional and physical triggering events are mentioned.

Emotional and Physical triggering events:

Most available fibromyalgia literature notes how frequently fibromyalgia is triggered by an emotional or physical event. Typical papers then move quickly on to explaining the altered nervous system functioning of people who have fibromyalgia. Consider focusing back to the originating causes rather than just on treating symptoms.

  • What if your body’s reaction to an emotional or physical trauma was for your body to begin functioning differently?
  • What if your different functioning included an altered nervous system response (heightened sensitivity to pain, hypervigilance, etc)?
  • What if that response showed up as the symptoms of fibromyalgia?

AND THEN: What if addressing that originating experience could cause the body to once again change the way it functions?

What if your fibromyalgia symptoms could change because you changed your body’s ongoing response to the emotional or physical trigger that started your fibromyalgia?

That would be good.

That would be phenomenal.

This change is happening for many of the people who use EFT to address their symptoms of fibromyalgia.