Fibromyalgia Cases

“My fibromyalgia is not related to my emotions.”
January, 2012: After one session, person number four emailed to say she would not be participating in any further session,  as she “didn’t believe that EFT will help my fibromyalgia.”  There’s a definite hurdle in talkin to some people about the connection between our brain and our body, between our mind and our chemistry and the way we show up physically.  Upon receiving this email,  I reflected a lot on what I might have done differentlly.  “Trust the process,” is what I came up with, grow my senstivities as much as possible, and allow the freedom for people to come to me and to leave me.  “Trust the process.”

Healed in two sessions.
January 2012: This person understood from the get go that her fibromyalgia had everything to do with her mind and her emotions. Overwhelmed by all there was to get done in life. That was the first session, and a painful recent injury reduced to a twinge.  The same topic of being buried by lists of things to do made up our second session.  I didn’t even ask about the pain until the end of our hour.  I almost forgot.  When this person checked in with herself, she answered my question with shock,  “My pain is a one, or even a zero.”  We’ll meet again in a week to check in and work on remaining issues – but that’s what I’m hoping for everyone I get to work with – those words, “My pain is a zero.”

Mulitple Sessions:
December 2011: The first person who walked in my door had been suffering with fibromyalgia for 31 years!  Sometimes pain was so severe in the evenings she had to crawl hands and knees to the upstairs to her bed.  We are now at session six together.  This woman used to take 3 advil at a time, 4 times a day. Now she often feels pain in the evening, only after a full day, and its then she remembers that she’s “forgotten” to take advil all day.  Additionally,  she’s worked through several big life experiences that have been burdening for decades.  We’re continuing to work together, each time this person arrives with a burden and leaves with laughter – a great example of peeling an onion in progress.

March, 2012: During session eight we worked through more life issues.  After close to an hour of the session, I asked about this person’s pain level.

“I have no pain.”  I have no more pain!”

April 17, 2012 – I am pleased to report this person has been free of fibromyalgia pain now for one month.

Big Life Issues:
January 2012: The second person dealt with two MAJOR life issues during two sessions, and she’s been fine since.  Her fibromyalgia pain was episodic rather than constant, so not as overwhelming as for the others I’ve been working with.  Since addressing these two life issues,  she has had litte or no physical pain, and she’s feeling so much lighter about her daily life.  I keep thinking I want to do more with this person, but she says,  “I’m doing great!”

April 16, 2012 – I am pleased to report that this person has been free of fibromyalgia pain now for more than two months.

Weight Gain:
February 2012: The third person called me for her weight gain, and she has had fibromyalgia, “as long as I can remember.”  An injury from an accident provided a great place to start and when that injury pain went away,  this woman was paying attention to the possibilities!  She keeps telling me she has lots and lots of issues.  We work them one by one – another onion.  This feels like a case of long persistence, slowly changing the baseline cellular chemistry – here’s a blog post with my thoughts about the difference between quick fixes and long persistence,

April 18, 2012 – After seven sessions this person still has fibromyalgia pain but at a reduced instensity.  Additionally,  a chronic back pain went to zero intensity during the first session..  A chronic shoulder pain from a major accident in 1997 reduced to zero intensity during session five.  Anxiety levels have decreased over the course of sessions.  We are continuing to meet.