z-ICE Method

The ICE Method uses cellular biology insights about emotions, peptides and cell receptors.  With the ICE Method, you experience transformation at the core cellular level of your being.

The Ice Method – Introducing the process.

ICE is an acronym for Identify, Calm, and Exchange. ICE is more than meditation.  Because it employs Memory Reconsolidation, ICE bring calm even to stored emotional upsets.  It doesn’t matter how far back the upsets happened,  Memory Reconsolidation can bring calm to your life.

I – Identify

Identify the issue of concern, some combination of an emotional state, a physical sensation, and perhaps associated memories. The emotion you experience around the issue is literally directing the response of your body and mind. This emotion is likely a source or contributor to your emotional state and any physical pain.  The emotions are typically anger, fear, and/or sadness.

C – Calm or Chill

Enter a Calm or “Chill” state in which thoughts cease racing through your brain, and your body-mind relaxes to its default state of calm and peaceful emotion. At-rest cells turn naturally to cellular health, healing, and restoration. If nothing else, spending time in this state is deeply relaxing and restorative.

E – Exchange

The power of the ICE Method is in the exchange process. Recent neurobiological study demonstrates this key point:

memories must be renewed each time they are remembered.

When we do the three steps of ICE, we interrupt the memory reconsolidation process.  We replace upset emotions with calm.

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