Book Reports

Developing The ICE Method

These are some of the most important thinkers who helped me become aware of The ICE Method.  I’d count Candace Pert, and Bruce Lipton as “must reads.”  For Memory Reconsolidation, I looked through many different published papers to gain my understanding.  Now that I’ve published Memory Reconsolidation Applied, I think you’ll find this book the easiest place to really get a feel for the science.

Molecules of EmotionThe Science Behind Mind – Body Medicine,  by Candace Pert, Ph.D. Scribner, 1997  read the book report

This is the book! In reading Molecules of Emotion, I now feel I have a strong scientific understanding of why tapping works.  It’s the neuropeptides – or as Candace Pert calls them, “Information Molecules,” or  “Molecules of Emotion.”  read the book report

The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles. Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. Hay House, 2008 read the book report.

Until reading The Biology of Belief, I had used the Emotional Freedom Technique because it works so powerfully.  Now, with The Biology of Belief, I believe I may understand why the Emotional Freedom Technique biologically works and how it makes sense that it can relieve fibromyalgia pain.

Author Bruce Lipton calls himself a cell biologist with an epiphany.  He believes that our genes do not determine our identity or our fate.  Genes, it turns out, can’t do anything unless they get a signal to start creating this or that protein.  It’s the signal that determines what our genes do.  And that signal comes from the environment around the cell. It turns out this has profound implications for our lives as human individuals and for all of human society. 
read the book report.

The Secret of Instant Healing, by Frank J. Kinslow,  2008,  Lucid Sea Press  (Read the full report)

Frank Kinslow says the answer to our problems is in becoming aware of the state of Nothing, the state of Pure Awareness.  And I agree.

One of the statements I often use in tapping for people with fibromyalgia says:  “Everything I’ve ever done has done nothing to solve my pain.”

In tapping, I have come to realize that we are mostly, perhaps solely, becoming aware and observing our emotions, feelings, and experiences.  In the observation comes freedom.  The more sessions I conduct with people, the more I realize how “doing nothing” and “simply observing” goes so completely against the grain of our personal patterns and cultural traditions.  Part of my task in tapping is to allow a person to simply pay attention to what comes up for them, and keep them from dashing off to somehow find a solution and fix whatever they become aware of.  Frank Kinslow provides a great resource for understanding and accessing the value of the state of pure awarenrss. (Read the full report)

Figuring Out Fibromyalgia: Current Science and the most effective treatments Ginevra Liptan, M.D. Visceral Press,  2011 Read the Book Report

Number One value for me in Figuring Out Fibromyalgia: A clear and simple acknowledgment that the root of fibromyalgia symptoms is the overactivation of the fight or flight system in the brain, the stress response.

“Ultimately, all the symptoms of fibromyalgia stem from abnormal activation of the fight-or-flight nervous system.”(p.28)

“The muscles and fascia of the body are clenched in fibromyalgia in constant preparation for fight or flight… Medical science has not yet figured out how to turn off the switch of the stress response that gets stuck in the “on” position in fibromyalgia. When we do that we will have found a cure.” (Pg. 56)  Read the Book Report

The Genie in Your Genes:  Epigentic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention by Dawson Church, Energy Psychology Press, 2008 Read the book report

The most broad-ranging exploration I’ve yet seen on the science of energy healing.  Wow.  Dawson Church provides a huge survey of the breadth of modern science as it relates to human healing.  He includes the chemistry, the electrical, the electromagnetic field, and the quantum research that supports our understanding of energy healing.  His writing makes me want to read more of the sources that he used for compiling his book.  I would recommend this as a starter book for anyone interested in the field of energy healing, and as a must read for anyone in the field who wants a great survey of the science based explanations for what you may be experiencing as a practitioner.  Read the book report

The Emotional Brain, by Joseph LeDoux, Simon and Schuster Paperbacks, 1994   – read the book report.

A truly inspiring read – gave me my most indepth understanding ever of brain function, and with LeDoux’s emphasis on understanding the fear emotion in humans, provided a perfect connection between the stressors of fibromyalgia and the relief provided by EFT.  read the book report.

Synaptic Self, by Joseph LeDoux, Penguin Books, 2002. – read the book report.

Down to the level of synapses and chemistry, LeDoux explains the fundamental levels of how the brain functions.  There’s just a single half page paragraph in this book, about “reconsolidation,” but I think this is the key to understanding EFT.

“Studies of fear conditioning have also revived interest in a strange but possibly very significant phenomenon in memory research – reconsolidation. The recent discovery, made by Karim Nader and Glenn Schafe in my lab, is that protein synthesis in the amygdala seems necessary for a recently activated memory to be kept as a memory.” read the book report.