The Genie in Your Genes – by Dawson Church

Book Report

The Genie in Your Genes:  Epigentic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention
by Dawson Church
Energy Psychology Press, 2008

The Genie in Your Genes - by Dawson Church

The Genie in Your Genes - by Dawson Church

The most broad-ranging exploration I’ve yet seen on the science of energy healing.  Wow.  Dawson Church provides a huge survey of the breadth of modern science as it relates to human healing.  He includes the chemistry, the electrical, the electromagnetic field, and the quantum research that supports our understanding of energy healing.  His writing makes me want to read more of the sources that he used for compiling his book.  I would recommend this as a starter book for anyone interested in the field of energy healing, and as a must read for anyone in the field who wants a great survey of the science based explanations for what you may be experiencing as a practitioner.

Church looks at the body from four major viewpoints:

  1. The body chemical. 
    Ever since the discovery of DNA,  our understanding has been dominated by what is called the Central Dogma – that we are controlled by our DNA.  As shown by many scientific experiments, it is now known that DNA responds to signals that are received at the cell membrane. These peptide signals are created in response to our emotional state.  DNA responds to instructions.  Depending on the instructions, DNA will do different things.  This is radically different from the “genetic determinism” that has dominated the medical understanding for the last decades.  Our emotions make a HUGE difference in our health.  In essence, as we become aware of the effect of our emotions on our own body chemistry, we take charge or our body pharmacy.
  2. The body piezo-electric.
    Certain substances, when pressure is applied, produce a small electrical charge.  These are called piezoelectrics and it turns out that this effect happens in many places in our body, including when we apply acupuncture. It turns out that acupuncture points are places of lowered electrical resistance, so when needles are inserted, or points are tapped during EFT, an electrical charge is produced.  This charge is then transmitted via tiny pathway that have been discovered in the body, called Bonghan, named after the Korean discover.   Acupuncture, acupressure, and EFT tapping,  the peizo electrical effect is one of the means that information is transmitted to our pharmacy.
  3. The body as semi-conducting crystal structure.
    An ordered array of atoms or molecules, is, by definition, a crystal.  It turns out that our body is a semi-conducting crystal.  Our cell membranes are made of ordered cells.  Our muscle fibers are ordered cells.  Our entire tendon and ligament system is one completely connected crystalline structure that connects every section of our body.  With crystalline communication,  there is instant communication throughout the body – this solves the problem with a purely chemical understanding, where the transmission times of peptides is too slow to account for what actually happens,  one of Church’s examples is of a baseball batter swinging to hit a pitch.  This crystalline structure of our body also allows us to function as an antenna, and since each human produces an electromagnetic field beyond their body, there can be interpersonal communication via our crystalline structure.
  4. The body as quantum or string expression of matter.
    Finally,  Church looks at the body as a quantum entity, that we are an expression of matter in the quantum field, because of our position as the observer. This moves us entirely into the position of consciousness being the force by which we observe matter.  Church also looks at non-local healing and the science of non-locality.  String theory is one explanation for how a particle can be in one place and then instantaneously be in another place.

What’s fascinating for me is that each explanation of the human body can be useful in certain instances, each adds understanding to the phenomoma that we observe around energy healing and energetic understandings of health. I find it very easy to speak with clients about the chemical pharmacy in our body, and sharing that information gives a person something solid to grab onto as they experience the effects of EFT tapping.  Each of the four explanations of the human body adds richness to our human experience.  And that’s  important to remember.  Science itself recognizes that the best we can do is create a story to explain what we observe.  The story holds until it is disproven. 

One of the consistent themes of reading energy healing books is that the old story of body mind duality has long since been disproven.  Yet, the old Cartesian story still carries the day in terms of medical treatment and pharmacological drug development.   Inertia against change is strong, yet change is always pushing against the current status quo.  In the case of energy healing, The Genie in your Genes is a showcase of examples that newer stories have already been created and are gaining traction for the narrative of our human understanding. 

Dawson Church deserves a huge thank you for compiling so much research about the science that applies to energy healing.  Dawson Church – thank you!