ICE and other methods

Understand Peptide Chemistry and add ICE to your existing technique

Should I try acupuncture, reiki, Swedish massage, chiropractic, naturopathy, EFT, or any other of the dozens of available healing methods? I would like to offer the following possibility:

However well a methodology works might well be a result of how effectively it assists the body in transitioning to peptides of health. The three steps of the ICE Method are all about peptides. I believe that insofar as other methods are effective, it is likely because without specifically targeting peptides, peptide changes are happening. In The ICE Method, peptides are addressed as follows.

How Peptides work with the ICE Method:

  1.  I – Identifying the issue at hand, including the emotional state, the physical sensations, and the memories associated with the issue. 1 This surfaces the old peptides associated with the issue.
  2.  C– Reaching a calm state of Pure Awareness so that two healing objectives become possible.
    1.  In a pure calm state 2 cells can completely relax and enter the “Growth” state. 3 Peptides of calm and peace are produced and provide instructions to the cells of the body. In this growth state, cells can focus on rest and restoration. As soon as this state is entered, a person generally feels quickly and deeply relaxed.
    2. A pure calm state provides the base exchange state from which painful or traumatic memories and emotions can be relieved.
  3. E – Exchanging the emotional state and the peptides of the issue condition with the emotions and peptides of calm and peace from the calm state. 4

A Massage Therapist observes the role of emotions in her therapy effectiveness:

As an example of the role of peptides, a massage colleague notes that when clients share significantly and emotionally before their massage, the results are often far more dramatic. In terms of ICE, here’s what’s happening.

  • the issue is identified. When a memory is surfaced, it requires peptides to reestablish the links between the brain cells involved in the memory.
  • The massage helps a person enter the calm state, so that they are then producing peptide molecules corresponding to the calm feeling of the massage 5.
  • When a memory is surfaced and new emotional chemistry of calm is present for memory reconsolidation, the exchange process can happen.

Since my colleague became aware of The ICE Method, she has become more aware of the dynamics present in transformative massages and she is able to more easily and naturally create her massage sessions to deliver more transformative results.

Peptides and the Emotional Freedom Technique

As another example, before I developed the ICE Method,  I did client sessions using EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique.  I actually developed The ICE Method because EFT proved so effective and I kept asking why until I found answers that match both with my experiences and with scientific discovery. How does EFT work in terms of peptides?

  • EFT starts out by naming the issue, “Even though I have this issue, I deeply and completely accept myself.” In this naming of the issue, an exchange process between the issue peptides and acceptance peptides is already beginning.”
  • EFT then continues with rounds of tapping while repeating the issue. EFT accesses acupuncture energy meridians during the tapping.  Accessing the energy meridians may be the reason that clients report feeling a sense of calm during EFT sessions.  Or the calm may be created by the rhythmic tapping and structured process that is followed.   Either way, a calm state is being created.  The justaposition between the issue state and the calm state creates an opportunity for peptide exchange.
  • This is what I believe takes place when EFT is effective.

ICE as a “direct” access to peptide exchange.

I develoed The ICE Method because I believe it more directly addresses the chemistry of what’s going on when pain and emotional relief are experienced. EFT achieves results with remarkable effectiveness, but there is an indirectness to the method, a fuzziness in explanation (the ZZT, the body’s energy system, psychological reversal, these are all abstract terms without a direct physiological correlation). The lower level of precision in the definitions creates a greater abstraction from understanding and visualizing the unfolding of results.

Understanding the peptide replacement, and the healing power when cells are in growth mode, gives a greater ability to observe the process and the results. One needs less creativity when using The ICE Method as compared to EFT. Being more direct, The ICE Method requires less art and intuition to get results.

Religious Confession and Peptides

Religious confession provides another example comparing results from a healing modality to the science of The ICE Method.

  • A person brings an issue to be confessed.
  • The issue  is brought up in a different emotional environment from when the original event was experienced.
  • The environment of confession provides calm peptides for the exchange process,
  • After the exchane of issue peptides with calm peptides a person can leave confession with a relieved heart.

A similar example is when a grandmother listens to a grandchilds concern, or a good friend offers the same listening ear. An issue is surfaced, a calm presence is provided, and peptides are exchanged.

Spirit, Quantum, and Peptides

In the religious example above, some would argue that relief is provided by God, not by peptide exchange.  Whether or not God provides the relief, the relief gets to body and mind by peptides.  This brings up an important point, and an additional reason that I appreciate the ICE Method.  Peptides are the intersecteion between what can and cannot be measured in the classical physical world.  Isn’t this so in whateve methodoly is being employed – something happensbeforea physical result such as relaxed muscles show up in the measurable material world? This something could be described as God, spirit,energy,  thought, awareness, consciousness, quantum physics, meditative practice or whatever.

Between the state of the physical and the thing that comes before the physical (the emotion, thought, whatever) the peptide sits right there at the intersection.  The physical chemical peptide molecule  is formed in response to a nonphysical emotional feeling.  Then the physical body changes in response to the physical peptide. Emotions affect body through the mechanism of peptide molecules. The peptide is the interesection, the interface, between the material and the nonmaterial world.

Integrativing ICE with other methodologies.

Understanding peptides and The ICE Method can be a powerful supplement to the work of grandmothers, priests, EFT practitioners, massage therapists, and anyone else involved in the work of healing. I developed the ICE Method to be as direct as possible an approach to experiencing the action of emotional peptide production, cellular restoration, and peptide exchange (memory reconsolidation). The scientific underpinnings of The ICE Method can enhance the understanding and effectiveness of a practitioner’s modality as they see their work in terms of emotional peptides, cellular rest state, and memory reconsolidation.


1. Identifying the issue at hand is demonstrated very well in The Emotional Freedom Technique, developed by Gary Craig,

2. Frank Kinslow, “The Secret of Instant Healing”, and “Beyond Happiness.”

3. Nicely explained in the classic”Biology of Belief,” by Bruce Lipton.

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5. This is the work of Candace Pert, “Molecules of Emotion.”