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Lars Clausen - The ICE MethodHow We Got Lost – And How to Find Home

Even compared to unicycling through all 50 states, engineering windmills, and pastoring in Alaska; the biggest gem on the road was learning how brain chemistry can remove fear and upsets.

PBS NOVA recently aired “Memory Hackers,” the most comprehensive documentary yet on how the brain replaces fear memories. This is Memory Reconsolidation, the code for how the brain does upsets. I’ve written three books that turn the research into a simple practical tool I call The ICE Method.

It’s my great pleasure to have helped hundreds of people find home to the birthright calm in their lives.  I’ve learned this:

The more we can heal our fears and upsets –
the better we can live a life that matters

On that unicycle trip – fifteen years ago – I actually set two Guinness World Records. These days I love gardening in the summer, skiing in the winter, and learning all year long.  The kids are now in college and my wife and I are transitioning back to us. We iive in Chelan, Washington.  Ten thousand years ago our house would have been standing under a mile thick of glacial ice.  Fifty-five-mile long Lake Chelan reminds us daily that we live in a dynamic world.

With thankfulness,

Lars Clausen


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