My Guarantee

I guarantee your satisfaction with your session or I will refund your session fee.

So, we’re on the same page,  please read the following.

  1. If you are having multiple sessions of work, I will refund your most recent session, plus any money you have paid in advance for unused sessions.  If you schedule a succeeding session it is understood as an expression of your satisfaction with any previous sessions.  I will only refund your latest session, plus any money you have paid in advance or unused sessions.
  2. Because EFT helps to create changes in your body chemistry that help your body to function better and with less pain, this process of change can be ongoing even after an EFT session. For this reason, a request for refund must be submitted between four and six weeks after the session you want refunded.  If after four weeks, you’re still not satisfied with the results of your session, you are welcome to a full refund of the session fee.  You have two weeks in which to submit that request for refund. After six weeks, I will no longer accept a refund request.
  3. You must read and submit the disclaimer to acknowledge my understanding of what I am providing to you during your session.

Thank you,
Lars Clausen