The ICE Experience

Gentleness and Respect:

  • We’ll conduct our sessions either by phone or by Skype – your choice.
  • The sessions will be gentle and completely respectful of wherever you are at.
  • We’ll use The ICE Method to pay attention to your life, which changes the chemistry of your body/mind and results in relief.

Practicing the Method:

A session will last 90 minutes.  We’ll spend most of the session in the calm state, using the chemistry of this state to transform whatever upsets you’re working on. Together we will find these negative memories and emotions that make us reactive and exchange the emotion associated with them for calm. The ICE Method is a very relaxing and healing process. Those whom I work with typically end a session with feelings of calm, relief, hope, and/or peace.

Empowering You:

The goal of these sessions is to teach you how to practice ICE in your life.  I will help you apply this technique so you can do ICE on your own and have the results for the rest of your life. Our first session is designed to give you a sample of the power and benefit of ICE. Subsequent sessions are about empowering you to practice ICE in your life without the need of a coach.

Single Session:

No risk – and the best way to introduce yourself to The ICE Method.  If it’s your first session, I guarantee you’ll find this useful, or I’ll completely refund your session fee.  We’ll work with one or more specific issues from your life. You will learn the three steps of The ICE Method and you’ll get results in this first session. At the end of the first session, we’ll talk and you can decide:

Next Steps:

  1. I’ll take if from here – I got everything I wanted from a single session
  2. I want more – I’d like to do another single session
  3. I want core transformation – 30 days to “ICE Your Download” and remove reactivity from your earliest life patterns.  Discover what it feels like to live from a deep peacefulness.
  4. I want calm for my way of being – 90 days of personalized guidance for integrating calm into every aspect of your life – home, work, and personal.  Develop grounding so you can live and work from non-reactivty.  In the absence of reactivity, discover your deeper sense of purpose and connection to the meaning and experience of life.

Please contact me through the appointment form to set up your first session.  I look forward to meeting you!  Lars