Pain so severe that the person with long time Crohn’s was taking  the pain medication she had so long resisted.  On the third round of tapping – pain gone.

Back pain that travelled to the thigh and knee, restricting activity for more than a month- no skiing possible.  A session of tapping and the person was out skiing the next day.

Pain that went away during the session – and then came back during the same session!  One layer of emotions was addressed, and other memories immediately surfaced, bringing s strong set of emotions with it – the pain right back with the new emotions.

After each new session I get more comfortable with this connection between a person’s emotional experience and their physical condition. I get more comfortable with witnessing the body reacting when emotions are addressed while tapping.  But I still find it REMARKABLE!  A person with pain of thirty years, and and a few moments tapping brings relief!  A person suffers a physical accident and relief for the pain is found by addressing the feelings surrounding the accident.  A person who is anxious about a situation, finds peace by focusing on the emotions while tapping.

What a REMARKABLE world to be entering.  I feel grateful for this path to be opening up.

UPDATE – Have had my first session with a person having fibromyalgia syndrome.  Tapping definitely had effect.  I’m looking for 19 more people for my initial experience of tapping with people who have fibromyalgia.

REFLECTION:  Sometimes I want everything to be all set up and established – the impatience of being at the front end of an encertain journey.  I get anxious for the security of knowing that everything has worked out.  And then I’m reminded that this may be the most exciting time of all – exploring, imagining, creating this new opportunity to serve others and develop a new vocation for myself.