Just off the vitality101.com website of Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum.  Lots of information here, including this statistic.  In the last decade the number of people diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (he uses these interchangeably), the number of people diagnosed has increased 400%!  Read the article.

Dr. Teitelabaum also cites studies done in the State of Georgia and a number of countries in Europe.  Results are as follows, see the article for study details:

  • State of Georgia – 2006:  2.54% of population between 18 and 59 has symptoms of  fibromyalgia
  • Italy – 2005: 9.4% in  overall population, distributed at 13.5% in women and 3.8% in men
  • Tunisia – 2006:  9.3%
  • Germany – 2006 : Men 2.6%  Women 9%

400% increase in fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome diagnosis.  Vitality 101.com looks at the symptoms of fibromyalgia and then offers advice for getting better, including both natural and traditional medicine.  91% of the 3000 people who have worked with Dr. T over the past 30 years have gotten better.  50% have had their symptoms go away entirely.

Again,  I am missing something?  A 400% increase in diagnosis??? I don’t see anyone in the traditional medical field looking back to the trigger and addressing the circumstances around the triggering events.  If Chemistry is different for a person with fibromyalgia,  can’t that chemistry change if you go back to the triggering event and work with the impact of that event.  This is where  EFT, the emotional freedom technique may be relevant.

Perhaps the diagnosis rate is going up because so many people were previously undiagnosed.  Or perhaps the rate of people suffering from fibromyalgia is actually going up.  Either way,  Dr. T estimates that perhaps 12% of our population is suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.  What’s going on in our society that 12% of our population is having events in their lives that trigger chronic pain?  Has this level of fibromyalgia always been present in our society?  Is the stress and tension of our globalizing, climate changing, oil diminishing, corporate growing, agribusiness, politically polarized, urbanizing, society causing more symptoms in more individuals?  There’s cause for wonder.