What kind of blog to have?  Careful?  Considerate?  Questioning?

Let’s try a question.  If fibromylgia is sometimes triggered by an emotional or physical event, then there is a connection between emotion and the body’s response.  The question then is this – if emotions can trigger fibromyalgia symptoms, can emotions change or even eliminate a body’s response to the symptoms of fibromyalgia?

Why do we consider fibromyalgia to be a lifelong condition?

That’s what I mean – is this a careful question?  A considerate one?  I don’t have fibormyalgia.  I’m not a doctor.  Classical medicine writes so much about fibromyalgia being a lifelong condition for people.  Is the question okay?

EFT.   EFT works in this world of emotions – its basic assumption is that emotion’s are stored in the body’s energy system.  The esperience of EFT, in millions of people, is that addressing emotional issues by tapping on acupuncture points produces changes in body and mind. Many times, in the process of using EFT, emotional issues  or previous experiences surface which a person had never before connected to a physical or emotional pattern.

For peolle with fibromyalgia, EFT explores whether there might be a connection between a person’s emotions and experiences, and the way that fibromyalgia pain affects them.  EFT, in the process of this exploration, for many people, produces changes in a body’s physical function.

This possibility of physical change based on emotional freedom is what I want to explore with the people I find to work with.  In what I am reading of tradiional medical approaches to fibromyalgia, there is not a lot of specific work done on the possibility of working on emotions to change physical symptoms.  I’m confused by thsi – it seems such a natural connection.  But Im just starting out.  Lots of experiences to gather.  I’m looking forward to what the journey brings.