Complete Relief in one session for chronic hip pain.

“The pain never goes below four or five, and sometimes its up to an eight.”

“How long have you had this.”

“Since September 11, 2001.  I had a bac case of shingles and that was the day the hip pain started and never went away. I ended up in the hospital at 4 a.m the next morning.”

Anymore, I am always listening for emotional connections to physical symptoms.  This was also the time that this woman’s partner was having severe health issues, also adding to her stress.

“I’d like to introduce you to something I call The ICE Method.”

One hour later this elderly woman of grace and spunk had enjoyed a session experiencing the calm state of ICE and observing the disappearance of pain from two different location in her hip that had been causing constant significan pain for the last eleven years.

This was my first time working with someone who had shingles induced pain, but the process was exactly the same.  I never know if there will be results, but I am not surprised anymore.  At the end of the session we addressed the rheumatoid arthritis that has been bugging her for 32 years.  She has medication now so the only remaining symptom is stiffness in the morning that goes away with stretching exercises.  This woman was adept at getting into the calm state by now, so as soon as she entered the state I invited her to go exploring through the memories of her experience iwth rheumatoid arthritis, how she couldn’t get out of bed when it struck, how she had to move in with her son for awhile so he could care for her.  When there’s nothing to measure against in the moment, its hard to know results, but I’m curious whether she’ll wake up with the same pain in the morning or it it might feel different.  Either way, I hope she might remember to enter the calm state in the morning as she pays attention to the rhemumatoid arthritis.

I’ll be checking back in a few days to see whether the hip pain has stayed away or whether we have other issues to address. With the pain going completely away in this first session, I”m confident that she can be pain free, either from this session alone, or else with other sessions that address any remaining emotional pain triggers.

“Keep using The ICE Method.”  that’s what I emphasize over and over again during my sessions. I would think good results would have people jumping headfirst into using The ICE Method all the time.    Surprisingly, some do, and some don’t.  I just keep encouraging.

Good wishes,