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I guess the easiest thing is to just say it – I’m feel completely filled with joy to share this link with you. This is the instruction chapter of Memory Reconsolidation Applied. This is how to do The ICE Method. This is the technique I’ve shared with hundreds of people and then watched them relieve everything from decades old memories to chronic pain.

The rest of the book will tell you why the method works, how body and mind chemistry work together and how to apply ICE to a huge range of life situations. Memory Reconsolidation Applied is also filled with real-life stories of people using The ICE Method.

This Chapter Four – The ICE Method is the core of the book. It’s free today because if you want calm, I want you to have ICE. I’ve spend years getting to the point of sharing this method through this book – today is a very special day in my life. Download Chapter Four and maybe you’ll remember this as a very special day in your life, too.


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If ICE made a difference for you – Chapter Four is what you learned that made the difference in your life. Once you’ve read this chapter – please consider how you might share it to benefit others.

The ICE Method grew because people talked. I’d so like for you to be one of those voices.

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The nicest compliment

A friend of mine once said, “Lars, you’re part of the solution.” I keep trying to live up to that generous remark. If you agree that ICE is part of the solution – I thank you for helping give it wings to soar.

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Book Testimonial:

“The ICE Method profoundly reminded me that pain has many unconscious causes and solutions. Having lived with chronic pain for almost 20 years I can say easily that ICE is the most direct and easeful method I have used to date—and it works! I recommend this method to anyone who suffers from pain or stress on any level; physical, mental, or spiritual. I use ICE daily myself— an amazing tool for self-healing and wellness!”
Kari Lyons-Price,
President NCW Integrative Health Network