This is a follow on post to Quantum – Peptide – Matter that I posted last time.  I’ve done a couple tapping sessions now using this perspective.  I am coming from the viewpoint that if a person can get “outside” of their current view of their situation, then they can back into the quantum state and then from that point choose a new perspective to operate from – and that can make all the difference.

But…how to explain this to people?

And…how quickly can this process happen?  It seems that the change process is dependent on how quickly people “get” the concept consciously, and how quickly they can become free of the subconscious loop that has kept them chained to their particular perspective as the only possible valid understanding.

So…I had this idea for providing an explanation to a hypothetical client. Here’s the monologue I thought up.

An Explanatory Monologue

“Hey, have you ever observed a friend or family member and said to yourself, 

‘Wow, if they’d only step back and get a grip and get a different perspective on this, they’d see things so differently.’ 

Have you ever had that sense of things?  Here’s the funny thing – its so much easier to see how a different perspective would help someone else, and its often exceedingly different to imagine even the possibility that there might be another perspective about our own situation.  Especially if our situation is physical, like having fibromyalgia.

It turns out, that with tapping, we are in a process of opening ourselves up to being observers of our own lives  If we discover that we are in the observer state, then suddenly we will discover that we are “outside” of our situation looking in.  In my experience when this happens its often a first in a lifetime experience for a person (wow, and I get to see this happen over and over again.)

Anyway, once you’re in observer state,  you get to see that your old viewpoint was part of why your life worked the way it did.  Once you are in observer state, you, perhaps for the first time in your life,  have a conscious say in how you want to participate in your life.  And  your conscious choice, your emotion, will impact what shows up in the peptides (the molecules of emotion – Candace Pert) and then what show up in your material experience. 

So, back to the friend or family member that you can so easily see is in need of a perspective change.   Why is it so hard for them?  Why is it so hard for us?  Simply because our viewpoint is largely determined by our subconscious.  And our subconscious has a safe zone that its comfortable operating in.  Anything outside that triggers the subconscious to get us back to the safe zone.  That’s why we so rarely get outside of our subconscious pattern and into observer state.

EFT, with its meridian tapping, with its physical action, with its rhythmic cadence, and with its conscious focus directly on the emotions, memories, and physical sensations of an issue – somehow combines to  quickly and effectively help many people to back up into the observer state and experience the freedom of conscious choice that comes from this state.”

So, that’s my little monologue for the day.  This feels like such a creative time in my life – and this past week I’ve been consciously backing up into the quantum observer state just by paying attention to the emotions, memories, and physical sensations that are coming up as I play with these new realizations about EFT and the Quantum – Peptide – Material continuum.  This is an exciting and also a peaceful place to be.  Thanks for the chance to share this post.