More EFT and fibromyalgia experiences:
Yesterday I started using EFT with a second person who has fibromyalgia.  Next week I will begin working with a 3rd person.  And last week I started using EFT with a person who has had chronic severe headaches for the last eight years.    I’l be sharing the specifics from these stories as I get permissions from these people – for now the priority is simply having the EFT experiences.

My world is opening up in new and wonderful ways,  all the way from the smiles and amazement of people I get to work with, all the way to feeling a strong confidence that this work will provide  me a secure living.  all the way to sensing that in this work is a way for me to make a real contribution to “quality” of life.

My wife was speaking to her doctor friend last week and telling her about my new work. The doctor was enthusisatic, “That’ great!  There’s so little out there for people with fibromyalgia.”

I feel like I have a big secret, and I wonder why this work has not all been accomplished long ago? If its as effective as I’m so far experiencing with the people I have started working with, what’s  in the way of its broad application?   I think the answer might revolve around our worldview – we don’t have much experience with the connection between body, mind, and soul.  We have separated our world so rationally, so scientifically, that we have almost no experience with integrating fuzzy emotions and life experiences into the rigorous science of defining and treating disease. 

Fortunately, I find plenty of people who are open to experiences that just don’t fit inside of a standard scientific hypothesis.  And when something makes a difference in your life, a really big difference, don’t you usually tell your friends?  I’m still looking for 17 more free fibromyalgia folks to get my initial experiences. And I expect I will begin making contact at a faster and faster rate.  I expect that by year’s end my schedule will be full.  Each session of EFT that I share with another person, my roots of confidence in this process grow deeper and deeper.  And if EFT gets to play a side-game of getting creative with our world-views, so much the better.  EFT, at least for me, really does provide food for body, mind, and sprit. 

Thank you,