I should probably write daily on this blog these days – changes are happening so fast for me.

The Peptide Intersection:

I am reading more quantum energy books, and I see how the quantum and the biochemical meet up at the level where information creates peptides.  (Read the review of  Candace Pert – Molecules of Emotion and the review of Dawson Church – The Genie in Your Genes)

  1. From the material side you start with the big things like bodies, digestion, and hitting a baseball and work you way down to the interface where chemistry meets thought – the level of peptides. 
  2. From the quantum side, you start with pure energy, the wave of infinite possibilities, and as consciousness, this is where thought meets chemistry.  Thought chooses one of those possibilities from the wave of infinite possibility and this “collapses” the wave into a material presence.  In living things, it appears that thought shows up first as peptides, the information molecules that direct how a living physical being is present in the material world.  Candace Pert notes that peptides and receptors are present for even the simplest of single celled organisms. 

I find this hugely exciting.  Even as I was reading through my stack of brain chemistry books these past months, a piece of me knew that the quantum reading was going to be important.  I didn’t expect to get a picture like this, though, of a continuum back and forth between quantum energy and physical matter, with peptides at the interface.    

Quantum/Chemical Tapping 

This awareness of a physical/quantum continuum has developed my tapping further.  For one thing,  quantum gives us the possibility of instantaneous change, rather than change at the speed of cellular transformation.  I like tapping with an openness to instantenous transformation.  But even more importantly,  adding the quantum realization has refined my “model,” I suppose, if you want to call it a model, or at least my “outlook,” as I enter a tapping session.

Awareness vs. Action Planning

Although I had already been saying that the only thing to do in a tapping session is to be aware, and to pay attention, once I got oriented to the quantum information, I realized  the value of this approach with a new force and a new grounding.

When we are aware and simply paying attention without creating an action plan, then we are closer to what I understand as the quantum field of infinite possibilities.  This sounds so counterintuitive to healing – we are so used to our efforts being rewarded, to making a choice and getting a result.  But in the case of healing, we are trying tapping, or whatever, because nothing we’ve done before has taken care of the issue at hand (weight, anxiety, fibromyalgia, sore shoulder, whatever).  Most people come to a tapping session ready to hear what they must DO to get well, and subconsciously knowing that everything they have tried has done nothing to solve the problem – no wonder it takes SO MUCH ENERGY to get up for one more effort at going to war with the problem at hand.   People arrive ready for action that will lead to result, but fearing that action this time will be no different than ever before.  

Tapping, with this quantum outlook of pure awareness and attention, is so very counterintuitive – and often so stunningly effective.   I often use the tapping phrase.

“There is nothing to do but be aware.”

“Everything I’ve done to get better, has done nothing to make me better.”  (If  it had you wouldn’t be here trying tapping.)

Three I follow and One I avoid

I’ve even started  looking for specific things in my tapping sessions– again, not so different from the tapping I did before, but now I understand it in a different way via quantum energy.  I listen for three things that I follow up on.  And I listen for one thing that gets in the way.

The three things I follow up on:

  1. Emotions
  2. Memories
  3. Physical pain or physical sensations

Tapping by following any of these three things seems to help people move from stuck material realities and loosen up back towards opening up infinite possibility.

The thing I listen for that thwarts possibility.

  1. Analysis – figuring out – planning

Once a person starts analyzing and planning, they are already removing themselves from the realm of infinite possibility – they are taking a single choice, and usually that choice is some reacting to their current situation of pain or whatever they are tapping for.  There’s an energy already established that patterns such an analysis, or such a plan.  I don’t observe change when a person is in this mode.

Awareness on the other hand, seems to bring a person back into the realm of infinite possibility – and the  trick with tapping at this point is to assist a person in recognizing that this is a great place to come from – that what can show up – in fact what seems to naturally show up in most cases – is a feeling of peace and calm, and a reduction in pain symptoms. 

Empty Space and Fear

The other thing that I’ve seen show up is anxiety or fear because they recognize the old ways aren’t working anymore, but the future is an open place where they don’t yet have new tools.  This is where I personally have the biggest questions right now – how to help a person stay in an aware state without jumping immediately to an “answer” or some new action plan.  If they jump into an action plan,  they collapse the wave and then that’s what they get – that particular solution.  If they have jumped too quickly,  they’ll be right back in the old energy pattern.  I try to encourage staying in the state of awareness until something “appears,” to them.  My job, I feel is to help a person create space, and not to help them create a solution.  Again, so counterintuitive to our normal ways.  I’m experimenting with each person when we reach this point in their transformation.  That’s what I’m aware of at this point – I feel like there are more powerful ways to help a person see the value of this space, but I need to take my own medicine and simply be aware of what comes up for me as I reach this stage of tapping with a person.

So – these are my thoughts for the day – for this step in the journey.  I’m not trying for a firm model, because that would come with its own limitations – its own collapse of the wave.  Maybe this is  not a model, but a meditation on my current awareness and how its appearing in my reality of tapping sessions this past week.