The Back Pain Story

Friday night – shoveling a truckload of manure – turning 5 large compost piles for our community garden.

Saturday morning – back pain – level 4.  Tapped all day with no change in the pain level.  I’m a full-time tapper – but the pain level didn’t change.  I ended up changing my story – “What’s in this back pain for me to get.  Pain can stay until I get it.”

Sunday morning – persisting back pain –decided to try running in the early morning.  The jarring caused muscles to seize up so hard I had to stop running.  As I walked, the pain came back down.  Tried again to run and had to stop within a few steps.  Beautiful morning, so I chose to walk – and tapped the whole time. 

Metaphor for Life Transition

And then suddenly the pain went away and I could run pain free!  I had tapped for the first time on this transition that I am in process of – this transition from a “mechanical world,” to an “energetic world” a “quantum world,” a world of consciousness and intention and, ultimately, story.  I have so many unknowns around this transition, so much fear of losing my old life and adopting this new life.  As soon as I tapped on this, my pain plummeted to zero and I started running immediately and effortlessly. And I laughed, and laughed, and laughed, in the presence of this new story.

Later that morning, my back pain returned, and then when I became aware of the quantum field, stepping back from the pain, the pain disappeared. After a while it would return and the process would repeat.  Two days later, this process is still repeating.  From the perspective of my “transition” story,  this back pain is serving as my teacher – I’m comfortable and at peace with this pain – and this no pain – this back and forth between the field of energy and the field of material reality.

EFT  and Quantum – My guess for the day.

Behind our tapping,  this is my best sense right now for what is going on when we get better.  We start tapping because, in physical reality, there is some issue bothering us – physical or emotional.  All our actions and reactions are in this physical realm, which includes our pains, our anxieties, our fears.  When we tap, we loosen up the bound physicality of our situation, and we start coming back to the field of unlimited possibility.  This is what we’re physically feeling as we experience the intensity level subsiding due to our tapping.  We are backing off a stuck story and returning to the energetic field.

Once we’re back to the energetic field, we get to choose a new story if we wish to show up again in the realm of physical action. Once the story is chosen, we show up as a reflection of that story, out in the physical plane again.  This is life as a human – pulsing back and forth between the wave of infinite potential and particular material reality that we can occupy upon choosing. At least, that’s life as a human who has tapping or some other way of accessing this dynamic. On the other hand, if we’re like most of the human population, and we don’t realize that we can oscillate back to the field, then we’re stuck in just a single story.  Stuck like that means we are bound to act and react to everything from this one energetic place that we have access to.  Stuck like that means emotional and physical pain are real.

Fibromyalgia and pain relief:

On a grander and longer time scale than my little gardening backache,  when I see people get relief from their fibromyalgia pain,  I believe that I’m watching them access their energetic field.  With this access, they gain freedom to have their physical reality show up in a new way.  So much fun to be involved in this process with people.

More adventurs  later.