As my friend Daimon Sweeney (developer of SettingWork) says,  “solutions create their own problems.”  If you’ve been following this blog and The ICE Method, you know its developed into a really powerful healing two.  Great solution – with these two problems.

  1. I can work personally with only a limited number of people – how do I make this accessible to more people?
  2. People need to remain in the calm state for results to endure – how do I help people remain in a calm state on their own?

The answer is to create a community of learning resources and support.  I’m creating that now, over at  I’ve spent the last few weeks creating a new website, and I have quite a few more weeks to go to put the video course together. Here’s why this is going to be so valuable:

Greater Access for Fibromyalgia Relief:

The video course will share the exact technique I use to help people get emotional and physical pain releif.  The course will be a collection of videos that show how to do ICE – (Identify an issue, Calm your state, and Exchange peptides).  I’m also going to spend a lot of time sharing my understanding of the science.  Whenever I have a session with a person and share the science of why this method works, these people gain a deeper understanding and use the process more effectively and consistently.

The Fibromyalgia Relief Community.

The heart of this idea, though, is the community – a place to receive and share support.  It turns out that the hardest part of The ICE Method is not getting well, it’s staying well.  People get better from using The ICE Method when they turn off their fight-or-flight system and calm whatever stresses of the past are continuing to impact their present.  What’s needed at that point is some way for people to transition from a fight-or-flight lifestyle ot a calm lifestyle.  The community will be this place.

  •  Full-time access to the course, and the ability to share experiences with other people who use The ICE Method.
  • Online webinar-style live events
    • Workshops
    • Demonstrations
    • Question and Answer
    • Book Discussions
  • A network community where you can learn from the experience of others and share as much of your own journey as you wish.
  • An ever-growing library of printed and video material that you can use for information and inspiration on the journey to emotional and physical health.

What if Fibromyalgia is not my issue?

You’ll be welcome even if fibromyalgia is not your issue.  I”m starting this work by focusing on fibromyalgia because I have a really powerful study showing the results delievered by The ICE Method for people who have fibromyalgia.

But even if you don’t have fibromyalgia, you’re welcome to check out the resources and the community.  Even though myfibromyalgiarelief is being set up for fibromyalgia, it applies to any situation where there are non-calm peptides that can be brought to the calm state.

Thanks, and good wishes,