Progress Update:
I checked in with Rhys yesterday. We’ve done eight session together these past months.  Take a look at this update, and then see the amazing progress compared to where Rhys started from.

I have been meaning to write back to you for some time now, things have been happening so fast for me these last 8 weeks or so. I just got back from lunch with a good friend of mine who I have been taking the role of counsoler with as she goes through the foster child process. Long story there. Lol lots of long stories everywhere to be honest. I am wiped so i will keep it short and fill you in after i take my nap. I have joined the charity group chapter my friends started in nashville, I am going out every other friday night for a game night with my old gaming group. I have been doing “readings” and some Vision work for people both in person and online. I am driving again and much more active and I am no longer in the fight or flight state. I am not afraid of the season change and my pain levels are down across the board.

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Still having some issues, most on a Spirit or Vision side, but more about that later. And the only real drawback from being so active is I have been fainting a lot more, actually recovering from my worse spell yet. 3 full blown attacks in less than 36 hours. A record for me. But the recovery time for each was fast, and surprisingly no lasting pain from them like i am used to. Just a feeling of muscle weakness, like the kind you feel after a work out with a huge latic acid build up. So i have been focusing on flushing out the latic acid during my self sessions and that helped a lot. Typcially i can go easily into that Spirit state, the stepping back into energy, almost instantly, if i am laying down. I will look at your websites, i have brought them up and saved them, i just wanted to respond to you quickly before i laid down.

I would love to have another session with you, i know i still had one already paid for from that last 3 session payment but things just exploded with business. need to rest will reply back after i have my mind and energy back. Hugs, love, energy, and thanks!


Where We Started:
What you need to know is Rhys medical history and where we started from just eight sessions ago.

Thank you for such a quick and detailed response. you are very right it does take a lot of energy to try that “one more thing.” Most of that energy is devoted to dealing with the emotional “can I go through one more thing, the fear the hope, the possibility of failure?” Any chronic illness turns every thing into a spread sheet of pros and cons. And when the illness involves lots of pain you know the coin of the realm is pain for all that you do. I am not sure if my cousin told you but I have been ill all my life with one thing or another, not all of them painful but for certain life affecting. And many of them feeding into other problems to create a complex web of problems. My life long journey ended up taking me to the mayo clinic back in September through December. where I finally have gotten answers that tie a lot of things together even though I still have tests pending.

Some of the trouble is that most people who have suffered or been through what I have don’t survive so long term effects or treatments are unknown. I had a couple of the neurologists at Mayo scratching their heads and one near tears of sympathy (which says a lot). I will give a brief run down while I am still functioning well, and will skip out on the medical names I cant spell, its all relevant in that its all baggage I carry and emotional scars that aged me to an adult before I was 7 as my mother puts it.

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I was born with essentially only a left lung. My right lung is not fully formed and only rarely works, i was also born with a few additional major arteries that no one has and a few nerve groups that don’t exist in other people. No one knows why and they are all in my torso. At 13 months old I had HB flu meningitis that put me in a coma for 3 days where I was unresponsive to deep pain. This was a month before the vaccine came out. They told my mother they had no idea what the side effects for both the lung and meningitis would be because they could not keep enough of the kids alive to find out. I did have some developmental problems, motor control like handwriting are still huge problems for me.

At 7 years old I developed migraines, and insomnia. at 10 I was diagnosed with chronic clinical depression due to chemical imbalances. Puberty was causing me hell. The migraines got worse as did the insomnia. I would go days without sleeping. at 14 I was diagnosed with malignant hypertension, my blood pressure was 250/180. They checked it 4 times then rushed me to the hospital. Weight was not an issue I had a track and field body. The migraines, insomnia, and depression kept getting worse throughout high school. I was almost impossible to treat with medicine as my crazy chemistry of body and mind would give paradoxical effects to almost anything i was given. Caffeine put me to sleep, antihistamines made me hyper, ambien i am told made me act as if i was on Ecstasy, i have never taken it but i trust the people who said that. To this day I cant take anti depressants, or anything that increases serotonin levels. I lost my senior year of high school due to the migraines and insomnia. I had to be home bound schooled. My body chemistry also made me highly resistant to pain killers so there was nothing I could take I just had to grit my teeth and suffer through.

Wow, really getting worn out typing this. Will cut it shorter, new meds came out that helped me through till about 2004 when I had to have emergency surgery to get my galbladder removed as I had developed gallstone pancreatitis. There I found out two things, the first, morphine did not work on me, and two, my heart had somehow gone over to the right side of my body and rotated backwards. I was doing okay for the next four years. I was really heavy as I had never been before due to the meds they put me on but I could sleep and function and as my body settled into my mid-twenties I no longer had frequent migraines.

The spring of 2008 is when things started going really wrong. I am getting jittery now. this is the most communication i have done in over 6 months. I lost110 pounds in 5 months do to constant diarrhea and began having mood swings and brief suicidal episodes due to chemical changes. I went on medical leave, saw a bunch of doctors who couldn’t help me.

During this time I developed the fibromyalgia though I believe I have had it to a lesser degrees for years before. The pain in my nerves, especially my right leg kept getting worse. I developed numbness and paralysis in body parts that would cone and go, especially the more I used them. Right now I cant’ feel my finger tips from the typing.

It was a hellish several years. I developed dizziness and fainting spells mood swings and extreme sun sensitivity. Finally I got to Mayo and got some explanations and diagnosis of a few things.

I have neurally mediated syncope, which is the fainting spells, when I am in a lot of pain, or under stress or when adrenaline pumps the nerves around my heart will fire and cause my blood pressure to drop suddenly, this causes the mood swings, and the fainting of course. Also, because of the placement of my heart and because I have weak valves in my veins and arteries also likely because of my one working lung, blood pools in areas of my body like my legs feet and abdomen, causing swelling and inflammation which is very painful. But this means there is not enough blood and oxygen to go to the other parts of my body and nerves. according to the neurologist/auto immune specialist this is causing my fibro and I get numbness and paralysis in parts of my body the more use they get. My body shuts them down to give enough blood for the heart and lungs. This has cased damage to my organs to a degree.

Apparently I also leak adrenaline constantly as well as other chemicals that affect nerves. We are still in the process of finding out what and why but the doctors were certain that even in a calm resting state I am pumping out adrenalin. As for medications I have tried so many, currently I am on

  • methadone – pain
  • soma – muscle relaxant & pain
  • diclofenac sodium- anti inflammatory and pain
  • gabapentenin- pain
  • adderall- fatigue, focus, pain

We have tried so many things and these work each for a different kind of pain but even these never make me pain free anymore. I have even tried medical marijuana and found it has absolutely no effect on me. Hell I’ve tried shrooms at a darker time in my life and did not half ass it and felt nothing. My chemistry is beyond bizarre so I am willing to try anything, and i have found things of a more emotional or energetic nature to have a more noticeable effect on me. I know that was a lot to slog through but that pretty much covers my history. I am taking a look at the Molecules of Emotion book. My cousin recommended it to me right before i got hit with the virus. Will read it this evening. I would say around noon or 1pm my time would likely be the best for an appointment. When I feel better I could go earlier. I basically have a few hours after I wake up and take meds where I am close to fully functional. I have downloaded skype and I think i just added you as a contact.