How Does It Work?  I suppose that has been my question for much of my life, and I suppose that following this question has been one of the great joys and interests in my life.

Following the remarkable results that showed up in my recent fibromyalgia study,  the next question arose.

How can one help people to have their healing last?

I thought once people ICE’d away their pain, it would stay away.  Or if it returned all that would be needed was some more ICE sessions.  It turns out that additional ICE sessions do help to make results last – but the really interesting result from the study was – People weren’t coming back for more ICE’ing, even after their pain returned.

If you got all your pain relieved, and you knew a simple process for having that happen, why wouldn’t you come back for followup?

Think about – I have been – lots.  I haven’t been writing for awhile because I’ve been so wrapped up in this question – how to help the healing last.  And like other times that I’ve followed a question, new thoughts and insights fell like they are coming into view.  I’ll be sharing these in the coming weeks.  I’ve started talking with friends about what I’m reading and discovering, but like other new things in my life, it takes a fair amount of incoherent jabbering before the words start making any sort of sense, even to me.  I’m starting to get back some looks of recognition now, so will start writing here soon.

Also – huge delight – I’m starting group ICE sessions tonight.  We should be a small group of six people tonight – I”m thrilled to be exploring ICE in a group setting – I’ll be sharing about this as well.

Good to be back on the blog with you – more soon.