Got this question from a friend about science and tapping

Thanks for sharing what you’re up to in such detail. Do your clients relate to the perspective of the quantum or are you the one simply using that perspective for yourself and guiding them back and forth between two “points of view”.

Thanks for the question!  Here’s my thought:

It’s an interesting question to me – how much science to put into a tapping session – a sprinkle? Or a shovelful? 

Personally, since I began approaching the tapping from a quantum perspective myself, I’m finding it to be more powerful for myself and more valuable for the people I’m working with – so I’m coming from the quantum perspective in all my sessions for these past couple of weeks.  (And remembering that the thing about quantum is that any “model” has a tendencly to collapse the wave of infinite possibilities down to a specific outcome – I keep reminding myself to say open with this approach. That it’s a perspective – not a structured set of instructions.  It’s play.)

How much to mention to the person I’m tapping with?  I “try,” when it feels right, to mention enough science  (either brain chemistry, or cell biology, or quantum theory) to help the person have a deeper emotional experience.  I want them to have an “aha” experience with the mentioning of the science.  (“Wow, you mean every time I have a thought or an emotion, I produce a peptide in my brain that exactly matches my emotion and then that peptide goes out and instructs every cell in my body on how to react?  Wow – I guess my thoughts do make a difference!))

What do not want is for a person to start a rational analysis of the science.  Sometimes, probably for reasons of personal excitement, I go too far and I realize that the person has started  thinking about the science, rather than experiencing the “aha.”   It’s EFT, after all, emotional freedom, not a science class.

As soon as I realize I’ve gone too far, I apologize and back it up and get back to tapping on emotions, memories, and physical sensations.

But when the person gets the science just right for them,  they often get a huge emotional release – that there’s a scientific story out there that is consistent with their experience of this issue.  When this happens a person can often get “outside” of their issue, get a new perspective, and – according to quantum perspectives – they can get a new material experience of their reality – or, in EFT words – relief!