Temporary Relief

“Hurts just as bad as ever,” this woman told me when I called to check in.  It was one week after a quick session that had provided total relief from excruciating shoulder pain.  The pain had been so bad she’d been telling people  if she could cut her arm off to get rid of the pain, then take the arm. This woman answered her phone while driving, on the way to buy dog food for an upcoming trip.

“I got your phone calls last week, when you were trying to check back with me.  I’ve been too busy to call.  My husband decided we’re going hunting and I’m frantic trying to get everything ready.”

She sounded frenetic – zero calm space – I didn’t sense any openness to another session right then to disappear her arm pain. “Call me when you get back,” I offered.  “Your pain went away in ten or fifteen minutes when we met a week ago.  I’m confident it can go away again.”

What’s Happening Here?

My question:  Why do people often neglect to call when pain returns? If a person received total relief from pain in ten or fifteen minutes…and…if the pain had been so bad that they would have cut their arm off… why don’t they contact me right away when they experience pain again?  I had offered to meet again, as needed, by phone or Skype.  I’ve had this happen many times, and I keep wondering what’s going on.  There’s clearly some reason that makes sense for people to not call me, even though they received complete pain relief.  Sometimes I wonder if experiencing such pain relief is such a foreign experience for some people that they can’t even imagine getting back to that place, much less that getting back to pain free could be as simple as a few minutes on the phone – see below.

My hypothesis: Going back to peptides, in the brief time that this woman’s doctor had stepped out of the exam room, I had helped this woman eliminate her pain.  For speed, I used a simple quantum entrainment, (Frank Kinslow – The Secret of Instant Healing).  In Quantum Entrainment, a person basically gets caught up in another persons calm space and relief follows.  The impermanence of the relief might be related to us not doing an intentional exchange of peptides, from anxious peptides to calm peptides.  It seems likely that the return of her anxiety was once again triggering her fight or flight and pain was showing up again in the arm.

What I would do:  If this woman is open to another session,  I’d do a more deliberate ICE Method with her and start addressing peptides and replacing them with calm and peace.  Because she responded so quickly with the total elimination of her pain by just using quantum entrainment, I expect that full pain relief would be possible again, and it seems likely that it could be long lasting as well.

  Long-Lasting Relief:

It’s over a month now since Jerrine’s session for her back pain.  See the testimonial video if you wish – Seven vertebrae with bone-on-bone pain, decades of pain, rarely ever below a level 5, even with drugs.  One session, pain free.

“I’m still pretty much pain free,” Jerrine tells me.  “i just go to the quiet space whenever I feel any pain starting. Of course, today I do hurt.  I just spent all day working in our storage unit, cleaning it up.”

“There’s a reson for this pain,” I agree with Jerrine, “But there was a reason for all your back pain since you don’t have discs between those verteberae.  Let’s see if this storage shed pain needs to stay with you.”

Four or five minutes later,  the pain has melted away.  “You’re good at this,” I tell Jerrine.

“Wow, I”m glad you called to check up on me today!”

What’s Happening Here?

My hypothesis:  Jerrine really has exchanged the peptides that were resulting in pain with peptides of calm and peace.  Our initial session lasted 90 minutes, and it was almost completely about paying attention to the anger that surrounded the terrible back pain, the injustice of the pain, the events and experiences missed because of the pain, the future of agony that loomed ahead in the future.  Calmy and peacefully paying attention to whatever came up, the peptides exchanged and Jerrine’s pain disappeared and did not return.  Occassional glimmers of returning pain are dealt  with from the calm space, and peptide exchange continues to happen when bits of memory arise that have not been previously addressed with calm and peace.

How did work related pain also disappear? This is strange, there’s every reason for Jerrine’s back to hurt – she’s spent an entire day moving boxes around.  Perhaps there’s some swelling in her back, certainly some grinding of bone on bone as she used her back.  And yet, the pain disappears in four or five minutes.  Jerrine is clearly very open to the ICE Method process, and it appears that the peptides are involved in what pain signals are sent from the back to the pain processing center in the brain or elsewhere in the body.  Just as with the initial session,  it turns out there are REASONS for the pain (no discs, overuse, etc) but in Jerrine’s case it turns out there is no NEED for the pain to exist in her body.