It’s been awhile since I posted here on the site.  A month of guests at the house and celebrating my daughter’s high school graduation.  Busy days.  Before bed, though, and early each morning,  I am reading a few pages each of Frank Kinslow and his “Quantum Entrainment” way of helping others to heal themselves.  I’ll be adding some book reports soon,  but its so consistent with what I’ve been discovering in my sessions with people – BE AWARE – PAY ATTENTION.  Kinslow is marvelous in stating that the core of who we are is PURE AWARENESS, not our future, not our past, not our material presence, but PURE AWARENESS.  Even though we mostly don’t recognize this, it is from this pure state that our material reality begins.  For peace in our lives, we need only become aware of Pure Awareness.

In my session yesterday with a person who has had fibromyalgia for decades,  this came strongly into play.  Abuse in her growing up years created a strong connection to the past.  Carrying huge responsibility on her shoulders had all her future attention focused on an unbearable list of todo’s that were made even harder to achieve by the immobilizing reality of her fibromyalgia pain.  This person had zero sense of Pure Awareness – materially her body was on the skype screen, but energetically she was in the past and in the future – she was not in the present.  She readily admitted that she had no concept and no feeling for being present in the future.  Just by that awareness alone she became miles ahead of most people.

As we started tapping, and as she soon became aware of the present moment, her anxiety increased.  She felt anxious when her attention no longer centered on her future todo list.  I watch this same thing happen to others over and over again.  The idea of taking a break from the list and being present to the present moment seems like a waste of time, and worse, it exposes the impossibility of imagining any solution.  This is where my experienc comes in  – this woman was hating this feeling – I was aware that she was on the threshold of a complete new awareness for her life.

Sure enough,  just by paying attention to the moment,  tapping and observing,  in a few minutes she was telling me that she was feeling a sense of relief in her body.

When I tap with people in situations like these,  I often invoke the image of being stuck on a ride for all their lives, with their energy directed in a certain way that has kept them in a state of reaction – no matter what happens they always react the same way, with the same energy.  There’s no freedom in being stuck on this ride, and when a person realizes they have consiously  stepped of this ride for perhaps the first time in their life, they have gained a life-changing awareness.  The habit is the ride, but by stepping off and becoming aware of that ride, they are now free to get back on the same old ride or to choose a new path out of freedom.

For the woman that I was havign this session with,  she was feeling relief and peace that was different from any she had felt before, and this time it was conscious.  And repeatable. In that place of peace her fight or flight response was shut off, she was producing growth hormone, she was feeling better for the moment and also beginning to restore her body from the long suffering of her fibromyalgia symptoms.

Her pain did not disappear in this session.   The pain did decrease, but more important for this time, she had a life changing encounter with Pure Awareness, and she’s on the road to healing in a way that is new and hopeful for her.

Gotta love these encounters with healing.   Check back soon for the Frank Kinslow book reports.