This is my third post today.  I feel like my three-year-old friend Benjamin, visiting at our house and playing with the toybox that our own children long ago grew out of.  Benjamin loves that toybox, and he pulls ALL the toys out and he plays with them with a delighted passion that is exploring and experimenting and creating at every moment.

I am so unbelievably much more contained than my three-year-old friend.  As I write this third post today, I realize that, to a small degree,  right in this moment, I’m being a little bit more like Benjamin.  I have to play with my thoughts,  write them, share them, be wrong about them without regreat,  live, and learn, and finally perhaps acquire a language and a being that can interact in the big  boy/ big girl world of fibromyalgia and symptoms and science, and treatments, and EFT.  Best way to get there is to be like my buddy Benjamin – play with abandon, learn from each moment without any specific learning goal.  Just play with the toybox.

The best writing advice I ever recieved,  many long years ago, came from a speaker who said simply:  “Write a thousand words a day.  If you have an idea, write a thousand words. If you have writer’s block, write a thousand words.”  Eventually the words will coalesce into something meaningful.  Or, as Benjamin would put it,  “Whars, do you want to play with me?”