Science and EFT Presentation at the 2013 Washington State Tappers Gathering.  Thanks to all who created this amazing conference.

Five different presenters, ranging from the meaning of acupuncture to the use of intuition in EFT,  I was amazed at the variety of paths that all lead to the same result of healing.  I felt privileged to speak of one of those story paths – the story of neurochemistry and cell biology – peptides in the body and the brain.

One year of science research.  One 50-minute presentation.  The Washington State Tappers Gathering provided a great moment to gather up all my reading and try to speak a coherent string of thoughts about brain chemistry and healing.  Turns out EFT’ers have plenty of interest about peptides.

Science became aware of memory reconsolidation in 2004.  The discovery gives us scientific language for what we observe in many different venues – the healing of traumatic memories and the oftimes associated healing of the body.  Here on you can learn about this ICE method of employing memory reconsolidation to healing.  It was a delight to speak at the Tappers Gathering amongst a varitey of methods and practices, providing one more explanation, the neurochemistry explanation, for what healers observe in their daily work.  If you want to view the PowerPoint for the presentation, you can click on this graphic.


Click for Tappers Gathering Presentation

If you’re interested in the LONG version with all the notes, you can click here Lars – Science of EFT – Long Version – Show.

Other than the challenge of ordering my thoughts for this presentation, the greatest personal learning at the conference to sharpen my awareness between the replacement of old peptides using memory reconsolidation versus the “counteractive” neural network building efforts of creating new habits or “workarounds” to deal with issues that won’t go away.  In short, subtraction versus addition.  In an EFT setting, there’s a lot of good subtraction going on, memory reconsolidation.  But sometimes one also observes a dip into ‘habit-building’ efforts.  There’s nothing wrong with building new habits.  But when new habits are created as ‘work-arounds’ to avoid problematic emotions or behaviors, these workarounds don’t reconsolidate or remove the offending peptides.  Since the old issues remain, they continue to take subconscious energy, and the workarounds take addition energy to maintain in the face of the original issue they’re building around.

The more I study and the more I practice, the more I come to believe that the work of healing is in the subtraction, not in the addition.  Subtraction of the offending emotions gives us a clear connection to our base state, our our “source,” or even what some term, “god.”  Building from a base state is an activity of free creation.  Building work-arounds is the work of bondage.  There’s a distinct difference – and getting to zero, or getting to Source, or getting to the god state seems more and more vital to me for healing to be effective and to last.

More about this in future posts.