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The Brain Discovery that makes The ICE Method different

It’s Memory Reconsolidation – and you can see how different Memory Reconsolidation is when you compare it to the second video below – the brain video. Get the difference between these two approaches and you get a different life.


Video 1 – Stress Relief Can Sometimes Be This Easy


Brain Video – Feeling good with neural plasticity

Two views of how the brain works

Watch Dr. Rick Hanson’s 16-minute video and you’ll see “neural plasticity” at its finest. Neural plasticity is the brain word for how we make new habits. Habit building can be useful, but habit building does not remove stored emotional upsets.
Memory Reconsolidation shifts your personal transformation. Memory Reconsolidation and The ICE method bring calm to stored emotional trauma. In the Brenda clip you see pain and stress melt away – that’s because of Memory Reconsolidation. In my upcoming book I have a whole chapter distinguishing between neural plasticity and Memory Reconsolidation.

If you really want to understand the benefit of Memory Reconsolidation – find some time now or come back to this later – it changed my life.

Time Investment. The Brenda video – 7 minutes. The Rick Hanson video – 16 minutes. Yes, you’re worth it!

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Book Testimonial:

“I found the ICE method to be an amazingly simple and incredibly effective process. I was sold immediately when I tried it on some neck pain that had not budged no matter what other methods and medications I had tried. Once I used ICE, the pain melted away and didn’t return. I have also tried ICE on emotional issues with equal success.”
Tamara Staples. President, Fibromyalgia-ME/CFS Support Center.

Chapter 4 free next week!

Be sure to open next week’s newsletter. Chapter 4 contains the directions for doing The ICE Method for yourself. And I’m giving it away free. Combine this chapter together with the Brenda video and you can start using The ICE Method for yourself right away.

Why is Chapter 4 free?

1. Chapter 4 is free because it’s the basic explanation of ICE. I’d love nothing more than for everyone to know The ICE Method as surely as we know to stop for red lights and go for green.
2. Chapter 4 is free because I’m pretty sure once you experience The ICE Method you’ll want all the tips and insights you can get to transform your life. Imagine being able to melt emotional upsets away instead of staying captured by your emotions for days, or months, or even years! The book and workbook show you how to have this calm in your daily life.

Publication Party and Book Signing


If you’re local – save the date – May 27th. 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. I’ll have a little mini-seminar about how to use The ICE Method in your life – treats to eat – special discount on the book and workbook. More information coming soon.

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