According to this NY times article, The Fat Trap,  a body’s chemistry changes after a person loses 10% of their body weight, making it much harder to keep weight off.  One part of the brain craves food MORE strongly, another part of the brain RESISTS food less strongly.

I wonder about the connection to fibromyalgia and how fibromyalgia is often triggered by an emotional or physical trauma.  Once the body has been triggered, it responds differently to pain, often permanently.

With fibromyalgia, I’m interested in how EFT can help address emotional issues to change the body’s chemistry away from the pain state to achieve relief from their symptoms.  THE FAT TRAP article explains how changed body chemistry restricts weight loss.  I wonder if there’s an emotional component triggering this body chemistry change?  If there is an emotional component, then perhaps EFT could allow a persons body chemistry to change yet again, making it easier to maintain weight loss.

Emotions affecting body chemistry.  A few years back I never thought much beyond the importance of having a positive attitude.  Now I see it all around me – how emotions get locked into the body and affect our chemistry and our life.  It’s one thing to see these effects –  its another to now have a tool like EFT to access our emotions at a deep level.

One last note about THE FAT TRAP, the author’s eight page article is permeated by an attitude of BATTLE, how keeping weight off is a CONSTANT STRUGGLE and how few people succeed.  If weight loss is seen as a battle between mind and chemistry, then of course its going to be a constant struggle.  EFT, though, is often very FUN.  People often laugh during sessions.  Things that caused tears are sometimes transformed to peaceful smiles.  Again I wonder, could EFT be helpful for a person who is stuck in their weight loss goals?  Emotions transformed, Body Chemistry altered,  Body function restored?  For people who are involved in such epic struggles, the gentleness of EFT might be a welcome relief.