It’s just a month since I started and the initial junkmail has found it’s way to my postbox.  The first arrival has me laughing out loud,  THE SCOOTER STORE.

And then I feel sad.  I’m all in favor of scooters for people who need them.   With regards to fibromyalgia,  the scooter mailing seems a perfect metaphor for the traditional approach to fibromyalgis – treating symptoms instead of curing root causes.    Too painful to walk, get a scooter.

And then I feel scared.  Who am I to try and get at these root causes and reduce or eliminate fibromyalgia pain?  If traditional medicine, scooter companies, water therapy consultants and most of the rest are focused on alleviating symptoms, how can I even think of reducing pain by working on the emotional background of the lives of people who have fibromyalgia.

I’m only so far working with my first person who has fibromyalgia.  I’m encouraged beyond belief at what this person is experiencing after just two sessions…but a first experience is just the start of this journey. I will need hundreds of confirmations if I’m going to be able to someday send out a mailer that is the alternative to the scooter.

I’m looking at this first mailer as I write, wondering where I’ll find myself on this journey a year from now,  hoping I have solidly moved towards an alternative to simply treating symptoms.  I’ll only know by taking each step of the journey.  For right now,  the first experiences are affirming.

  • helping a person with a severely sore back
  • helping a person with performance anxiety
  • helping a person with work anxiety
  • helping a person with pain from Crohn’s disease
  • helping a person with weight loss

Each time I use EFT with someone I find myself amazed by its effectiveness and its usefulness for helping a person with their particular need.  The emotional basis of our life has a powerful effect on our physical and our mental daily life.

Greetings from the mailbox,