Bastyr University

How does tapping really work?  I got some answers today, at the Washington State Tappers Gathering.  This was the second annual gathering, held at Bastyr University near Seattle.

Daimon Sweeney gave a talk on “Settings.”  His ten years of work on this approach included a lot of scientific background as well as anthropology and human history.  Basically,  Daimon looks at humans through the lens of “settings,” the particular way that we end up being structured, the way that some things end up being familiar and comfortable to us, the way that pushing the envelope of the familiar causes anxiety and makes us want to return to our safe zone.  For Daimon,  with a dozen years as an EFT Coach,  he’s seen EFT be a fast and effective way of “resetting” our lives, something that is otherwise exceedingly difficult whenever we try moving past our comfort zones.  Daimon has put his settings work together in a DVD that will be published at the end of march.  I am greatly looking forward to soaking in his work!

Chiropracter Craig Weiner also made my day at the conference, specifically addressing the growing body of science and medical research that is confirming not only that EFT is effective, but also HOW EFT works.    I’m so glad I’ve been immersed in brain books this past month.  Just last night finished my latest reading,  EVOLVE YOUR BRAIN, by  another chiropracter in the Seattle area, Joe Dispenza.    That will be my next book report, some great information here as well, including cellular memory., and

A completely inspiring day – joining 50 other tappers ranging from the brand new to those with more than a decade of experience – from people who tap only for themselves to those who make tapping a full time profession.  Now that I’ve made my own personal plunge into creating this as my vocation and profession – it felt great to be surrounded by so many who have experienced the difference that tapping so often provides