Bo LockwoodI’ve been up against some business challenges.  When I worked with Lars,  I discovered a “fear of failure” piece inside me that went back to my earliest days.  In a single session, he helped me use The ICE Method to regain my calmness. Now, anytime I begin to get anxious, I question whether I’m in a physical danger (are any tigers present?),and if not, I immediately shift back to a place of calmness. And if that doesn’t fully return me to calmness, I do a quick prayer turning any tension and/or worry over to Spirit. And by truly believing that Spirit is supporting me on my journey, I then fully relinquish the worry, returning to calmness. Anything short of this is me questioning my own faith.By maintaining a sense of calmness in my life, I am enjoying my days more and sleeping better at night. With Lars help, I’m back on a good path again. Thank you, Lars.

Bo Lockwood – Pennsylvania

I had a huge cockroach phobia. It’s calm now – thanks to Lars and The ICE Method. More significantly, I had a pattern that I always had to be “on” and “up,” taking care of everyone else before myself.  That pattern was wearing me out.  The ICE Method brought calm to my life. I have my energy back, and I’m enjoying my kids and my family ​so much more.”
Lane Dailey

Jerry St. Onge TestimonialAfter years of making great progress in my inner healing – so many modalities, ICE shows up (thanks to Lars) and lays out a simple and easy method in a process that I had thought was much more complex.  ICE has invited me to go so much deeper in breaking through my fear blocks, into my Boldness – so necessary right now for me as I lean deeper into manifesting my Life Promise!

Gerry St. Onge – New Jersey
(We are a promise of a world awakened and partnered in the being of “the world we want to see”.)

Ice Method Results - Gale Dailey“Having reached out both spiritually and medically – even spending a couple of years digging into “me” with a therapist, it has been such an amazing experience to work with Lars and the ICE method of resolving inner conflict.   Having had all these other experiences – all of which were worthwhile over time, it has allowed me to compare the rapid healing that is achieved when using ICE with Lars guidance.  After the second session I felt such deep relief of some old issues that I thought were dealt with in therapy – but the physical footprints were – unknown to me – still embedded in my physical body and mind.  I wish I had been able to do this 30 years ago but I will be grateful for today and the healing that has been achieved.  I would not hesitate to recommend investigating any of your health issues – even those you don’t know you have – in this manner.”  Thank you Lars.

Gail Dailey
South Carolina


“Hey Lars, The day after my session with you I woke up without neck stiffness for the first time in years!”
Jennifer Campbell – Washington
Acupuncture and Massage  Therapist
Help after 60 years:

“You have helped me more in one session, than all the multitudes of time with different psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, pastors, etc.”

…(I emailed back to Fay to ask if I might add this line to the testimonial page.  She replied)…

“You certainly may. It is true and so very exciting to realize that after 60 years of yearning for help, your ICE method is truly a miracle. Maybe I am ‘ready’ for this type of therapy. I still pinch myself everyday to be sure that when I am practicing the ICE process, the results are breathtaking, shockingly easy, totally ‘awesome’ in every respect. I do not feel any ‘fear’ during this process, only an ultimate sense of inner peace and all things divine.”

Receiving help for fibromyalgia symptoms and repeated issues of abuse.

October 26, 2012

Complete Relief:

Thank you Lars. I feel blessed by this process! The ICE Method  has given me new ways to cope and move through- and laugh at- the fear and panic I have been stuck in for a long time. I have tried many different ways to free myself from it, including a variety of medications but The ICE Method  has truly shown itself as a real, natural and viable tool that I can use anytime, anywhere.

I just had the most amazing ICE Method session with Lars. We worked on diluting and eliminating my panic attacks. And something quite revolutionary happened while we tapped-  I actually got angry at the panic for preventing me from truly loving and accepting myself. There’s something in the ICE Method technique that brings new perspective and clarity over what is ailing you. I found myself experiencing anger towards having panic attacks for the first time ever. And that in itself made such a difference in how I view this part of my life and how it’s been holding me back.

While tapping, I realized just how I am more than ready and prepared to leave it behind. I have never found myself in that moment before. Each round of tapping enlightened me to the reality that I must move into love and leave the fear and panic behind. There is no space in my life for it anymore. With every tap, I felt empowered. The ICE method is such a dynamic and interactive tool to heal, gain new perspective, and find more joy and peace.

February 2012

Fibromyalgia – “I can hike again!”

At a three-day artists workshop in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, watercolor painter Martha and I found time for two sessions of ICE.   For thirty years Martha suffered from pain in her feet so strong she was almost wheel-chair bound.  After two session her pain disappeared.  Following the sessions, Martha was able to hike a half-mile, carrying her painting gear, and participate with the class at their trail-side location – a first for her. No more waiting in the parking lot for her classmates!

October 11, 2012


Chronic Hip Pain and Rheumatoid Arthritis Joint Pain Eliminated

92-year-old Ida has been living with Chronic Hip Pain since she had shingles back in 2001.  The pain level was constant, ranging from a 4 to an 8, strong enough to wake her up and disrupt her sleep.  Additionally, Ida developed rheumatoid arthritis 32 years ago.  While medicine controls the symptoms, she was still sore and stiff when she awoke each morning.

Results of The ICE Method
  • Hip pain eliminated
  • Rheumatoid arthritis morning stiffness eliminated
  • Uninterrrupted sleep through the full night.

September, 2012

Watch the video:

Bone on Bone Vertebrae – Complete Pain Relief

For decades, Jerrine has been suffering from chronic back pain.  In seven of her vertebrae, she has bone on bone pain, the discs are completely deteriorated.  Narcotic pain relievers have provided some relief, but the pain has been unrelenting for decades.  A report after Jerrine’s First Session

A report after Jerrine’s Second Session

 August 19, 2012


Eight Years of Headache – Relieved

Shoulder Pain Relief:

Thank you again for doing EFT this week for my shoulder pain.   Not only has most of my pain disappeared, (after a year-and-a-half of constant pain)  but I now feel like I have new relationship to my body and pain when it does appear.  I can now discern the difference between pain as an “association” and pain from a mechanical difficulty.  I’m back to working out again!
January 2012

Headache Relief:

I don’t get headaches often, but when I do they feel severe.  I’d been hiding in a darkened room for 3 days before I saw Lars.

Within 10 minutes of us working, the pain went from 8 to 5, then more work, some conversation and more tapping.  By the time 1/2 hour went by I was down to a 2. The next day the pain had returned so I went to see Lars again and  in the first 10 minutes the pain subsided.  We agreed to check in the next day, and when I arrivered I still had a lingering 2 level pain. That third session did the trick and my headache was gone completely. Its difficult to wrap my brain around how this works. Even though I felt skeptical, it just worked!
December 2011

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