Session with Dixie

Dixie was visiting in Chelan and a family member suggested she come for a session while on vacation.  She arrived with significant pain in her back and shoulders, but when I asked what she wanted from the session, she replied,  “I want freedom of self.”  Dixie did receive that freedom of self during her session, and because her session covered so many different aspects of a tapping session, I asked her to share the experience in these following videos.  The following discussion is shared with Dixie’s permission.

P.S. Dixie’s back and shoulder pain also went away.

1. Dixie shows up without knowing what to expect:

2.  Wanting Freedom and discovering and defusing the barrier that had prevented freedom

3. An exercise to take the peace home with Dixie

4. Dixie describes how much energy she has given to her TO-DO list.

5. Dixie shares the value she receives from paying attention, being aware, and observing.

6. Dixie talks about friends with fibromyalgia, and about the pain relief she experienced in the session

7. Dixie and Lars review how peptide molecules are created in response to our emotions and then direct the body.

8. Lars explores what Dixie might recommend about her sessions to others.