Whatever you’re focused on right now, your body and your brain are responding.  If you’re not calm about your life, you’re losing energy.  From physical issues to any sort of stress or anxiety, The ICE Method restores your well-being so you can live at your best.

In your ICE Method Session you will…

  1. Turn off and get control of your stress response.
    1. You will put your body in its most natural state – the place of healing and restoration. Turning off the stress response is vital for all of us.  If you have a physical issue, or ;a chronic pain, this step is critical.
  2. Address any specific issues causing your stress.
  3. Take the tool home – start living with more calm in your life.

What’s included:

  1. A one-hour session. A money-back guarantee that this first session will make a difference.
  2. A conversation: What are your goals and how can I help you reach them?
    1. You’re all set with a single session?
    2. Another session or two to meet a specific goal?
    3. A 30-day intensive to bring calm to your download patterns
    4. A 90-day coaching partnership to start living the life you choose – free from your past limitations – open to your true desire.

“I am enjoying my days more and sleeping better at night.”
Bo Lockwood

“I felt such deep relief of some old issues – I wish I had been able to do this 30 years ago.”
Gail Dailey

“ICE has invited me to go so much deeper”
Gerry St. Onge

To Schedule a session: please send me your Appointment Request.  This simple form gives us a place to start.  Once I get this we’ll set up a time.  I look forward to meeting you!