z-The Space Between Thoughts

When I started developing The ICE Method, I used this “Space between Thoughts” method as my primary method for helping people become aware of the calm state.  It worked mostly well, most of the time, and I was very pleased.  I eventually shifted over to the “Space between Points” method because it gave me 100% results in helping people to become aware of the calm space. Additionaly, the space between points turns out to be something you can use in every moment of your waking life.  I present the “Space Between Thoughts method” here as an alternative for those who are interested in further exploration.

To enter the calm or chill state using the “Space between Thoughts” technique, I use the “pure awareness” process described by Frank Kinslow in his book, The Secret of Instant Healing (highly recommended). By closing our eyes and simply paying attention to thoughts and observing the thoughts, a letting go begins, rather than the normal engagement and control of our thoughts with which we spend all our regular waking hours. As explained on the science of The ICE Method, this letting goes gives access to the growth state of our cells, a place of natural healing and restoration. Instead of reacting to your thoughts,and your cells depleting of energy because of the energy needed to keep reacting, you are simply observing your thoughts. You are leaving a state of reactivity and entering a state simple pure awareness.

To enter the calm or chill state, simply begin to notice your thoughts. If you’re like the other 7 billion people on the planet, you’ll notice that thoughts come and go through your brain, unexpected thoughts from unexpected sources, in and out of your consciousness, rapid fire, first a coney island hot dog, then an appointment coming up later today, followed by a regret from a recent visit that ended in an argument – you know this church of endless thought. Simply pay attention and observe these thoughts. For this moment, don’t try to do anything about any of the thoughts, just be aware of them and observe them. You will find this easier to do with your eyes closed. There is nothing to do. Nothing to accomplish. Just be aware and observe. In and out. In and out. The thoughts come and go as if they’re on a conveyor belt.

This process of simple observation is something different for most of us. Most of use every available moment to plan and figure out solutions to future problems, or to worry or remember thoughts from the past. When we observe, we are completely in the present moment, even when we’re observing thoughts about the past or future. Observation keeps us present.

After some moments, as you continue simply to be aware and observe the coming and going of yoru thoughts, you will almost certainly observe the rate of thoughts to slow. I imagine that this occurs because when we stop being in constant problem solver mode we begin to relax our minds, and thoughts naturally start to slow. For whatever reason, thoughts do tend to slow.

After some more moments, as you continue observing, you will likely notice that thoughts slow enough so that you begin noticing a space between when one thought leaves and the next one comes into your consciousness. Simply be aware of this space and observe this space. Thoughts will come into this space and then go out of the space again, but as you observe the space, you will become aware that the space is growing.

Eventually the space will become more dominant than the thoughts and you’ll notice that thoughts are disrupting the space less and less frequently and the space is becoming the main thing you are aware of – this space of nothing, or calm or peace. Check in with what emotion you are experiencing. It may even be euphoria or bliss.

At some point, you’ll pretty much be completely in this calm space. As explained on the science page, when you’re in the calm state your cells are in growth mode and they can attend to cellular restoration in their most pure mode. This state is not something that you just created. It’s a state that is always a part of your life, but its more subtle than our normal reactive thoughts so we mostly don’t notice or observe it. Once we observe it, we realize that we have entered a state that is always present, and always available to us.

Getting out of the way of all your conscious concerns allows the body to be in its most effective and most natural healing state.

If you practice entering this calm state, you will soon discover that this calm state becomes your default state. When an issue or a challenge disrupts your calm state, you’ll notice it quickly and can return to your calm state by simply using the process of awareness described above.

The calm state is a state of freedom, free from the reactivity that you experience from the rest of your life. In the calm state, you don’t have to react to past experiences or future fears, or present concerns. You can still actively engage all aspects of your life, but you’ll have the opportunity to engage any issue of your life from this calm space, rather than from a place of reactivity.

On its own, this calm state would be hugely healing for any issues in your physical and emotional life. Combined with the exchange process, the calm state allows you to gain peace with the circumstances of your past, present, and future.